Freebies & Friday-Eve

It’s Thursday.  That means I’m officially drained from the first half of the week.  Scenario:  Sitting on the edge of a weight bench at the gym about to do 3 sets of tricep dips this morning.  I’m clearly staring off into space and have clearly been in this position for a bit too long.  A gym “buddy” (you know, the ones you see every day for years, make small talk and have laughs with, but don’t know their name or story…yeah, that kind) came up behind me and said “Oh, come on! It can’t be that bad!”.  I sleepily looked up at him and said “I’m so tired…it’s Thursday…”  I just haven’t had any “oomph” today.  I must be drained from last night’s Student Awards Reception that I was 50% in charge of – I was on stage the whole time and presented several awards.  I don’t have any fears of public speaking, but just being up in front of hundreds (in heels…) is a little draining for this little introvert.

Ok, ok, enough complaining about how tired I am.  Aren’t we all?!

FANTASTIC NEWS!  My sweet little girl is doing fine and is more ornery than ever!  PLUS, she has been sleeping allllllllll night and I have found a vet that actually cares and knows a thing or two.  This dog momma is ecstatic and feels a huge sense of relief.  Isn’t it a hoot how quickly we can get attached to those little boogers?  And since her recent illness was potentially due to her “first sleep over away from Mom”, they obviously become attached quickly too.  She is now on several tummy medicines for 10 days and a beef-flavored pro-biotic for the next month.  Ridiculous.  She has a tummy just like her dog-mom, unfortunately.

Isn’t this post exciting?!?!

Wanna know what else is great about today?!  Our campus held their annual Employee Benefits Fair.  You know what that means?  FREE samples of BIOFREEZE!  AWESOME!  I made a bee-line for the Physical Therapy table with the good stuff.  And I just might give them business by scheduling a “runners assessment”.  I’m sure they’ll extend that appointment and want me to come in for physical therapy and exercises, which I will politely decline (duh, I’m so sap!), but it will be interesting to hear what they say.

Typical Thursday workout today: 45 minutes of intervals on the bike (even thought my legs were toast from yesterday’s workout), reclined chest press, seated rows, tricep dips, planks, horizontal chop, 100 kettle bell swings, and 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical to cool down.  It was a good workout, although it was on of those mornings when I could have easily been convinced to stay in bed.  But like they say, you never regret a workout, you always regret skipping a workout (unless you’re sick or injured, of course!  NO over-use injuries here, please!).

Dinner tonight is technically part left-overs.  Last week I made healthy stuffed peppers and the “stuffing” is abundant. So Efficient Me scooped it up to save for another QUICK stuffed peppers night.  All I have to do is “stuff” and steam everything.  Easy enough.

Happy Almost Weekend, friends!  The end of each day should be a celebration.  We’ve survived another day of successes and challenges.  GO US!


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