Weekend Recap & Dog Love

Ok, I hate to start a post on my soap box, but here’s a great post from Greatist about frozen vs. fresh vegetables.  And I love it.  Seriously people, DON’T buy canned veggies.  I saw on NBC news last night that there’s no nutritional different between canned & fresh/frozen veggies. Wrong, wrong wrong.  Check out the sodium amounts on the side of that can.  ICK!  Processed = bad news.  [Stepping down from my soap box]

WHEW!  Well, now that’s out of my system I can recap on my life recently.

Saturday was a blast.  I LOVE it when my Crazy 8s come to town.  It really just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy when I get to spend time with them.  We just fall right back into our own silliness with each other.  We started the events with a wonderful & classy bridal shower at my friend’s parents’ home (gorgeous, btw).  Then we traveled up the River Road to Grafton, IL for the FUN!  On the agenda: Grafton Winery from some drinks (which turned into delicious food too!), back to Al’s aunt’s condo for drinks & games (pictionary…hilariousness ensued), and wrapping it up at The Loading Dock.    I love spending time in Grafton.  I just feel like I’m right at home among the bluffs and river.  Ok, corny, but I DO get a strange sense of calm when I’m there.  Some people never feel “at home” where they were born/raised and are constantly searching.  I, on the other hand, was born in the exact area I’m glad I call home.

Great River Road. Is that gorgeous or what?!

Crazy 8s minus 1. Love these girls!


All the ladies at the shower.


After our weekend of fun, I came home to a very, very sick puppy.  I rushed to the store to buy yogurt, pedialite, and a syringe so I could get fluids in her every hour.  I truly nursed her back to health.  Syringe, water/electrolytes, yogurt/rice, potty breaks, every hour (how’s that for love?!).  After a few servings she perked up some, but was still just so lethargic and depressed.  After an emergency call to the vet, he seems to think she may have contracted parvo.  After a few days of racking my brain on how in the world she was exposed to it when I don’t take her around other dogs, my only guess is from her Parvovirus vaccine last Monday.  I did a little research and found that it’s a modified live virus vaccine, similar to our flu shots.  You know how some people swear they develop flu-like symptoms?  Hmm…who knows. The good news is that she finally drank on her own this morning.  I’ve had volunteer dog-sitters since yesterday at noon to be there to give her the syringes filled with water & electrolytes until she would voluntarily drink.  HOORAY!


Aside from that, my life hasn’t consisted of much.  Today’s workout was a typical Tuesday workout.  “Circuit” training on the bike for an hour, followed by pushups, lat pull downs, and ab work.  Did I mention my hamstrings are STILL sore from my Gospel Workout on Saturday?  I love weight training…but my muscles?  Not so much…  I just hope they are completely healed before tomorrow’s 4:30am 1-hour speed-work session…that could be unpleasant.


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