Chalk Murals, T-shirts, & Puppy Dog Tails

WOOF!  What a WEEK!  It’s been one of those weeks that zaps me from my blog creativity and my blogging time.  Our campus held it’s Springfest activities this week.  The theme was “I Love the 90s” and it was a hit.  And it was nostalgic for me too!  The 90s Karaoke contest and chalk mural contest were my favorites (I had to judge them) and I regret not taking pictures of the chalk murals.  I’m always impressed with the artistic ability that goes into sidewalk chalking…Here’s one example from last week’s Greek Week Chalk Mural contest (theme:  Greek games):

Isn’t that cool?!  I thought so anyway…

Even the back of the Springfest t-shirts brought back AWESOME childhood memories:


My workouts were a little scaled back this week to allow a hip flexor strain to heal.  Ice and advil, ice and advil.  It is feeling much better (not COMPLETELY better) but I plan to hit the weight lifting workouts harder next week and I also plan to cash in on a new boot camp voucher.  Pretty pumped!  Here’s the one I plan on using first: 

I’m still “5K training” with lots of speedwork, hill runs, and “long” runs.  But I’ll be honest, by the time it’s “hill run day” by legs/body/brain are so tired and sore that it’s a pretty weak hill run.  Speedwork just tanks my calves, which are screaming at me the next day on the hills.  Obviously I need to do some rearranging with my schedule (duh, Sarah).

Speaking of pain, here’s a cool post by Greatist about swearing to reduce pain.  Since I have the mouth of a sailor, especially after a quick jab of pain (bumping into a door frame, paper cuts, stubbing my toe, getting a puppy bite to the nose, etc.), this article made me happy to know I’m doing the right thing! 🙂  Tell my mother that…

Awesome Friday Accomplishment(s): my laundry is already done (2nd load is currently drying), my dishes are being cleaned (dishwasher…machine, not person), and I’ve already hit up lots of Target deals all before coming into work. Cool, huh?  My weekend is a little hectic with my friend Allison’s bridal shower/bachelorette weekend: the Gospel Workout is being bumped to Saturday morning, I’m swinging by campus for an event hosted by one of the student orgs I advise, I’m dropping Scout off at her grandma’s, then it’s Crazy 8s reunion time! (all occurring before 1pm on Saturday..Gah!).

Speaking of Scout:

I bought a "print" frame kit to document the size of her puppy fit and then her feet once she's a big girl.


Not so good at hide & seek...


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