Amended Wish List

Remember my old Wish List from September?  Well, apparently a lot happens in 7 months and I need to update my list.  For several reasons:

  • Someone awesome bought me a shiny new laptop for Christmas. And it’s fabulous. And fast. And I love it.
  • I treated myself to a smartphone after I survived the Spring Break Service Trip.
  • My best friend, my iPod Nano (8gb, 2nd generation), kicked the bucket.  So THAT got added and quickly removed from my wish list.  Give me some credit, though.  I DID run two 12-mile runs and a few maintenance runs without it.  All on a treadmill.  Mental toughness at its finest!
  • I deservedly bought myself 2 pairs of GOOD flats. Yes, they are from Naturalizer, and I feel old when I say that.  But ya know what? I haven’t had Achilles issues when I run since I’ve worn these flats instead of the cheaptastic flats I used to wear.  Invest in GOOD shoes, friends.
  • A puppy wonderfully graced my life with hers.  And I adore her. And she’s a big wiggly ball of happy, all the time.

My favorite picture of Scout. She's my buddy and has to be touching me ALLLLL the time.

So here I go…Update Wish List:

  1. New bike:  I still want a road bike so I can start training for duathlons next year.  Notice I didn’t say THIS year.  My race calendar is booked with 5Ks through June.  Marathon training will start in July and end in October.  Hence, I’ll miss the outside cycling season.  Darn… 🙂
  2. New GPS/HRM: Yep, still want a GPS gadget that works when I need it to.  Clouds, bluffs, Granite City, and all!
  3. New running clothes:  I’ve had the same workout clothes for at least 3 years.  And anyone that sweats as much and as often as I do knows that, eventually, sweat & deodorant just doesn’t want to come out.  Target is usually my main stop for workout clothes…I refuse to spend $90 on a pair of Nike shorts just because they say “Nike” on the tag.  No thanks.
  4. New car:  This is still on the list only because of a “what if” situation.  I recently replaced the rear left blinker.  I felt so BA.  I walked into AutoZone, picked up the book, found what I needed, unscrewed the tail light, and after a fight with a major design flaw, all drivers behind me will now know I’m turning left.  How funny that I only drove with that obnoxious fast “your blinker’s out” for a few days, but feel SO much better just knowing it’s fixed.  Can you tell I’m Type A?
  5. eReader: I know, I know…I’m a book purist.  I LOVE holding, smelling, and flipping through books.  Yes, I said smelling.  There’s just something about picking up a book, flipping to the bookmarked page, seeing your progress (or lack thereof..HA!), and eagerly holding on to the next page because you are so anxious to see what happens next.  However, after a recent purchase through Barnes & Noble, I realized there was nothing I wanted to add to my “cart” to get to the “spend $25, get free shipping” amount that I couldn’t find for free through an eReader device.  For me, it just seems more fiscally responsible to bite the bullet and stop fighting society and their endless quest to unending technology creations.  So there. I said it.  And I hate to admit it.

Any additions will be included in future posts! 🙂


One thought on “Amended Wish List

  1. I just bought the best pair of “work-out” shorts ever at the Under Armor outlet. $20. Not shabby. Also, I still fight having a Nook. I agree – the smell of a book is priceless. I still buy books that I know I will want to refer back to, write in, mark, ect. But for fun or short reads, like Nicholas Sparks & such, I will buy on the Nook. Give and take 🙂

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