Easter Recovery

Is anyone else still full from Easter brunch/lunch/dinner/dessert/bed-time snack of leftovers?  Me too…UGH!  I scarfed down 3 of the last yeast featherbed rolls this morning with apple butter.  My poor belly is the poster child for “carb belly” right now.  HA.  Oh well…while I hate to “gorge myself”, I eat so strictly and don’t treat myself nearly enough that I can justify a day or two of indulging with family.   Our typical Easter/Christmas menu: ham, Texas potatoes (cheez wiz…YUM!), candied sweet potatoes, 7 layer salad (w/REAL cheese and REAL mayo, and REAL bacon), Grandma’s featherbed rolls, and green beans (veggies…what are those?).  Oh, and dessert.  Remember that healthy peach cake?  Amazing.  It was up against my mom’s strawberry rhubarb oatmeal crumb topping “thing”, so it wasn’t THE hit, but it was a hit.

Yesterday started out bright and early at 5am for a solid Sunday workout.  It was slightly humorous to me to see the non-church people (myself included) sweating away.  Sunday isn’t usually too crowded at the gym (some weeks more than others), but yesterday left the gym a ghost town made of non-church or Saturday evening church folks.  Or just people that didn’t have Easter Mass/services until later…always a possibility.  Hm…I digress.

Sunday Gospel workout: 7-mile run, 30-minutes of 1-minute bike intervals, squats galore, lunges (gross), 1-legged lifts/seated squats (don’t know what these are actually called), bridges, and very little ab work.  Since my half-marathon, my left lower oblique has felt sore after workouts (any kind), but especially after running.  I’ve been hitting the foam roller pretty hard (I really like claiming this to be part of my running success) in hopes that this helps resolve the issue.  The whole “rest” component in healing doesn’t really bode well in my mind as an option.  I know, I know…rest is the best healer for the body.  Whatevs.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3-day weekend.  We took Friday off.  I haven’t ever worked or gone to school on Good Friday since Day 1 so why should now, at a public state university be any different?  Ok, fine…I was planning to take Friday off ANYWAY so we could catch an uncrowded matinee of The Hunger Games, when Easter Weekend/Triduum just sneaked up on me.  I wish I could say “WOW! Easter is early this year, that’s why it came up so fast”.  But, no.  I can’t.  My brain is just mush.  I had a few moments last week where I forgot we were already into April.  Gosh life flies by doesn’t it?

More Scout pics…Since she is so young and still so adorable, I can’t pass up the opportunity to take/post pictures of her…so just be patient for the first few months!


Too much Easter fun...

She passed out 2 hours before bedtime...I did everything in my power to wake her up so she would sleep through the night...no luck.

Best friends already and sharing toys


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