Pups McGee

So…BIG NEWS!  There is a new addition to my small family of one.  May I proudly introduce my sweet little girl, Scout:

Her first nap at her new home!

Her first trip to Fazoli's was just too exhausting.

After a 5am bathroom outing...she decided to play, then quickly got this sleepy look on her face.

Spoiled much...?

"I like your toes"...love her blurry wagging tail 🙂

"I love my Chilly Bone!"

We’ve already become inseparable in just 6 short days.  Ok, they haven’t FELT short with the lack of sleep I’m dealing with from middle-of-the-night potty breaks.

She’s one tough little girl (hence the name ‘Scout’, from To Kill a Mockingbird).  Until you tell her “NO!”.  Then she finds the next available person to snuggle with while she looks at you with much disdain.  Her ‘tude fits mine perfectly.


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