NEW Recipes & Sunday Runday

Goodness…what a crazy week so far!  Tomorrow is a true HUMP day.  Booked solid from 9am-4pm with no time to breathe, eat, OR go to the bathroom…hmm…tomorrow could turn out badly.  Stay tuned.

Anyhoo…lots of happenings to fill everyone in on.

First up: Last Weekend.  Hot Yoga, Laundry, cleaning, etc.  St. Patrick’s Day.  My LEAST favorite holiday everrrrrr.  Don’t ask me why.  I just think it’s the dumbest “American made” holiday.  And for Pete’s sake do NOT kiss me (I’m NOT Irish) and do NOT punch me for not wearing green.  I refuse to wear green that day.  And I don’t know why I’m such a St. Patrick’s Day snob.  Maybe if America celebrated a German holiday I wouldn’t be such a poop about it…ok that’s not true.

HOWEVER, we had a game night with a few friends and enjoyed 3 new foods:  Stout Beef Stew, Irish Soda Bread, and Stout Chocolate Cake.  Big fan of all 3, especially the Soda Bread.  Gosh I love bread.  Here are some links for various recipes of each:

Stout Beef Stew:  Food Network’s Beef & Guinness Stew, Simply Recipes’ Irish Beef Stew Recipe, & AllRecipes’ Beef & Irish Stout Stew.  Aside from all the red meat and the measly 2 tbsp of flour, it’s a fairly healthy recipe.  Yay for veggies & stew!

Irish Soda Bread: Food Network/Ina Garten’s Irish Soda Bread, Simply Recipe’s Irish Soda Bread.  Irish Soda Bread = not so good for you, but who cares?  You only eat it once a  year anyway.  Live it up!

Stout Chocolate Cake: Chocolate Stout Cake w/Irish Cream Frosting from, Chocolate Stout Cake w/Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting from

Just a fair warning: I recommend that you actually LIKE stout/Guinness before trying the cake or you won’t appreciate the after taste of the stout.  I, shockingly, enjoy Guinness so it was a nice surprise aftertaste!  YUM!

After just a few hours of sleep that night, I got up early for my LAST “long” workout before my half-marathon this Saturday.  The line up:  5-mile run, 30-minute interval bike ride, squats, lunges, step-ups, core/ab workouts, some weird move that burned my legs like crazy and made my glutes super sore (AWESOME!), and another weird move that required me to stand on one leg and move from a standing position-to seated position-to standing without the use of the opposite leg.  It’s supposed to work your core, glutes, quads, and hips.  AND WOWZA.  I barely made it up a few times.  Killer.

I knew it was my last hard leg workout for at least a week or two.  I don’t want to do too much with my race this weekend.  At this point, the extra weight training will only hurt me and not benefit my long-term goals.  No since in starting out a race already too sore.  That’s how injuries happen.

I did manage to finish my last “mile” outside.  I’ve done all of my runs on the treadmill during this training plan.  Which I DON’T recommend.  I could have a weeks’ worth of posts about how running outside is better.  But, I’ll spare you 🙂  I knew running only on the treadmill was my safest option since I was “coming back” from a serious injury that needed extra babying.  If at any moment, I needed to stop running, I could and not be 5 miles away from my car.  Plus, I was really focused on weight training so the treadmills at the gym just made sense.  But it’s extra important to run outside to get a good feel of the race surface (road/sidewalk/trail), your NATURAL pace (I run faster than I do on the treadmill…call it lack of confidence, who knows), and running outside just gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.  Although, props to all of us completing our long runs on treadmills. Hours and hours of running in the same place staring at a mute TV or people-watching is a great mental training plan!



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