Moderation & Lazy TRX

Fasten your seatbelts – this post is random as all get-out.

Those Rubens I was so excited about…?  Amazing.  I know corned beef is probably the worst thing ever for your health, but given that I only eat it once a year, I’d say there’s no harm in consuming it.  I guess I don’t eat a TRUE Ruben since I’m not a fan of sauerkraut…and I always ask my mom to only put Thousand Island dressing on half – I like to enjoy it with and without…”strange kid” as my mother always calls me…

I noticed as I was driving home from my visit that I love how my hair smells after I leave my parents house.  I know what you’re all saying:  “what…?  Weirdo!”.  But it smells like their house which is the most comforting smell in the whole world to me.  Definitely nostalgic!

Speaking of hair, I LOVE getting my hair cut.  I love having someone else brush/play with my hair (it’s so relaxing) and I just love how it feels and “hangs” after a good cut.  I had to go 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks between cuts.  Since I have shorter hair, I was definitely yearning for it to be cut.  I always play with the idea of growing it longer right before a scheduled hair cut, but this 10-week stint really helped me decide I don’t enjoy having longer hair (even shoulder-length!).  For some reason, my hair just won’t style right when it’s longer…I feel like it just hangs and is “blah”.  It’s definitely meant for a shorter, low-maintence bob.  I used to go every 6 weeks (shorter hair needs more frequent cuts).  But I read a tip from Suze Orman that you should extend your cuts to 8 weeks to help save a few bucks.  If I went every 6 weeks, I would spend nearly $175 per year on hair cuts.  Now that I go every 8 weeks, I only spend $130.  Ok, so I’m only saving $45, but that’s $45 that can gain interest in my bank account, or $45 in ice cream(!!), or a new pair of shoes that I don’t NEED but WANT to help me through a rough emotional/stressful time.  Just sayin…I know, I know…money & “things” can’t buy happiness, but that high you get after a purchase (no matter how small) sure is NICE! 🙂

Also on the menu last night was cookie dough!  My mom made a batch of chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago and forgot to give me the cookie dough she had set aside for me.  So for dessert, I had 2 bites of cookie dough.  Also terrible for you.  BUT I believe in following a super healthy diet (low fat, low sodium, LOTS of fruits & veggies, and the foods you just can’t give up IN MODERATION).  If you just refuse yourself anything comforting and delicious, you’re dooming yourself for failure.  “Dieting” should be a permanent lifestyle change.  Ask yourself:  Can I give up pizza, margaritas, cookie dough, and bacon (my random comfort foods) for the REST of my LIFE?!  So enjoy them infrequently and in moderation.  Your body and mind will thank you later.

Since my Fridays the last few months have been Boot Camp days, I didn’t really know what to do for a workout today.  I decided yesterday at the gym that it would need to be a light workout day today since I was tired and worn out (in a good way).  I decided to sleep in (6:15…woo!) and do a TRX workout.  Correction…LAZY TRX workout.  I feel bad even saying I worked out this morning, it was that pathetic.  I just felt sleepy & tired.  I did a few sets of arm, leg, & core workouts for 30 minutes then laid back in bed to listen to the thunderstorm.

I probably should have done a little more exercise this morning since I had a few bites of a Minty O’Malley cupcake from The Cup (formerly known as the Cupcakery).  I was already starting to feel a LITTLE hungry so I sampled a few bites.  Again, moderation.  I know I can’t cut this stuff out, so I just have a few bites.  Totally worth it – I’ll just call it my TGIF treat.

I’ll be sure to eat a healthier dinner tonight while I’m watching the SLU vs. Memphis game.  I never thought I’d see my alma mater in the NCAA Tournament.  Go Billikens!!

William E. Ken 🙂

What’s a “billiken”, you ask?  Well I could tell you…but then I’d have to kill you…:)  Just kidding..sorta!  Here’s Wikipedia’s description:

Tomorrow’s agenda:  Hot Yoga at 8am, a little light cleaning, laundry, work speaking event at 3:30pm, game night.






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