Sleeping in, Braised Chicken Recipe, Demon Clock

So sorry for the lack of posts this week.  My work week (and my evenings after work) were a little nutty.  I will do my best to keep the next posts in an organized manner…HA!  right…

Remember my post earlier this week about sleep issues (or lack of sleep rather).  Well, I took a comp day on Monday to recharge my batteries and slept until 8:15am!!  Holy cow!  Granted, I didn’t get to bed until 12:30am so I didn’t set a record or anything.  But for me, that’s huge!  The last few years my body won’t let me sleep past 6am, even if I don’t go to bed until 2am.  Fun stuff, eh?   I woke up a few times in the night (darn bladder) and every time I woke up I realized how sore my muscles were.  I really wanted to take advantage of a not-so-crowded Monday hot yoga class, but for once, I listened to my body.  Sore muscles and just plain tired meant I needed to take a TRUE day off.  My poor little body was just run down.

Since my morning was freed up, my crock pot and I reunited to make Wine & Tomato Braised Chicken from EatingWell.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I sampled a few bites before I froze 2 batches from the recipe (2 meals in 1 recipe = awesome), and it was pretty tasty!  Who doesn’t love healthy crock pot recipes? Seriously.

Have I told you about my demon clock?  About a year ago, my bathroom wall clock had stopped.  I changed the battery, hung it back up, and carried on.  In a few weeks, it stopped again.  I assumed I had used a bad battery so I used a brand new, never-been-used battery, hung the clock up, and carried on again.  It stopped in just a few days.  WHAT GIVES?!  This time when I took the clock down, I noticed “tick, tick, tick”.  Hmm…It works when it’s NOT hanging…AHA!  I’m becoming smarter than the clock!  I leave the clock sitting on the bathroom counter, you know, to put the clock in time out and let it think about what it’s done.  It never stopped!  I thought it had stopped misbehaving so I placed it back on its little nail and gave it a good “talking to”.  It died again.  ARGH!  So I did what any mature and intelligent woman would do: I took it to my Dad to fix.  HA!  Dad’s can fix everything.  He piddled around with it, beaming that his little girl still needed her Daddy every now and then, and returned the clock with a clean bill of health.  Supposedly.  The clock stopped just a few days after placing it back on the wall.  Before taking a hammer to it, I gave it one more chance, changed the battery, and put it back on the wall.  TA-DAH! Our little heart-to-heart worked!


Just last Saturday I thought “Ugh, I hate to touch that clock to change it for DST because as soon as I do it will stop working”.  Not even 10 minutes after I had this thought, I walk into the bathroom to discover the clock had stopped working! SERIOUSLY?!  To give the clock a little credit, I changed the battery since it had been a while, adjusted the time for DST, and threw some pixie dust on it before hanging it back up.  It’s died every day since then.  Possessed.  Absolutely possessed.

Evil clock.

Aside from my battles with the clock, I’ve been soaking up this AMAZING weather.  After all,

Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

Even though I know better than to wear flip flops after countless podiatrist appointments…I just can’t help myself!


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