BACON & Puppies!

So here’s a recap of this week….Mostly of workouts and food.


Monday: Bye Week Volleyball took home a winner.  There were several collisions and I was just plain tuckered out.  I can’t tell you how many times I rested my head on the net while waiting for the serve.  I was passed out by 8:30 that night: no bed time snack, no TV.

Tuesdays have been recently declared as “circuits” days…sorta… My Boot Camp Groupon ran out a few weeks ago and was perfect timing since I knew I’d be gone most of March.  Plus, with the Alton Half Marathon scheduled for 3/24, Boot Camp wouldn’t have been great the last few weeks before a race.  So, to make up for missing a good circuit training, I’ve added a 1-hour “circuit” bike ride on Tuesdays, and do other circuit training after the bike ride.  It gets my heart rate pumping and I end up crazy-drenched with sweat…and starving ALL day afterwards!  The theme this week is ABS!  Lots & lots of ab workouts and I’m feeling pretty good finally.  (there were a few weeks when I was feeling really flabby…I know I’m not, but it helps when you don’t FEEL flabby too, ya know?!)

Wednesday was certainly the most challenging day this week.  Events at work made it a “blah” day – I was glad when I could “clock out” from Wednesday.  Wednesday is coincidentally always my hardest “weekday workout”.  I focused on speed (again) during my run.  I feel so much more inspired after a speed run than a hill interval run.  There’s probably some psychology behind that…I’ll look it up and let you know! Anyhoo – a 1-hour tempo speed training run really brought on the sweatiness and calorie-burn-fest.  I rocked out 5.25 miles at totally random paces, averaging about 10-minute miles (which is way fast for me!  Little legs = more turnover = slower runner).   What else makes Wednesday’s workouts harder?  LEGS.  Oh my goodness – lots of loaded squats, Bosu Ball lunges (ouch!), bridges, ab stuff (weighted incline sit-ups, decline leg lifts, twists of every kind, etc).  All wrapped up with a 20-minute interval bike ride (1 minute for each interval).  I felt AWESOME after this workout too…just like Tuesday.  Ready to inhale my protein smoothie and conquer the day.

Life as I Know It:

Did I mention that I’m working with 3 different clients to edit their dissertations?  Oy!  Don’t get me wrong – I love doing it, but expecting me to review/edit 90+ pages in 1 day is a little ridonkulous.  But don’t you worry, I’ve gotten them all edited by the deadlines.  This has been my schedule all week: Workout, Work, Scarf down dinner, Edit, Bed, Repeat. And you know what?  It’s still a pretty good life!

Life was extra good after I played with PUPPIES!  What could be better than playing with puppies?  Playing with puppies AT WORK!  A son of one of my coworkers brought in his dog’s 6-week puppies (lab-boxer mix).  They were precious and most definitely the brightest spot in my day.  The one I was holding fell asleep in my arms and I cuddled with her for a good hour.  Not gonna lie, I was TOTALLY jealous of her napping abilities.  Totally.

Food, Food, I love food:

Tuesday’s dinner and dessert consisted of bacon…lots of bacon.  We baked up some uncured bacon (better for you, apparently) with chicken, served with my Greek Quinoa Salad.  Since I was still starving, I had a peanut butter & bacon sandwich.  AH-MAZING combination.  I’ve always heard so many things about bacon & pb, but had never had the chance to try it.  Dessert?  Edy’s No Sugar Added Triple Chocolate Fudge ice cream, BACON, sugar free Hershey’s syrup, and powdered peanut butter.  Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve had this ice cream combination.  It was fantastic!  My mouth is still watering!

PB & Bacon Sandwich. Mine was on wheat, of course 🙂

Oh how I wish this were real...

Swiss Steak

Swiss Steak

Wednesday’s dinner was Swiss Steak served over spaghetti squash that I prepared on Monday (my catch-up on life day!).  Here is a recipe for Swiss Steak.  This isn’t the recipe I use.  I add yellow peppers & celery to mine for extra veggies!  It’s some serious comfort food, and more healthy than not.  Props to Swiss Steak!  YUM!

Tonight I’m heading home to get my hair cut and visit my parents.  On the menu for tonight?  RUBENS!  Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!!  I was extra good at lunch today so I can enjoy dinner!


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