Tired, Tornadoes, & Service Trips…OH MY!

Happy MARCH!  Spring is almost here!!  Although, with the “winter” we’ve had, I don’t yearn for Spring like I did last winter when the unending snow, ice, and frigid temps nearly broke my soul.

Last Spring also practically had me committed to the loony  bin from all the “too close for comfort” tornadoes and severe weather.  This area is no stranger to either, but truly every few days kept bringing the threat for deadly tornadoes.  Have I mentioned I’m deathly afraid of tornado sirens?  The town I grew up in never had them so I lived in ignorant bliss until I moved and a tornado siren was literally across the street from my apartment.  Technically, I experienced tornado sirens during my 6 years in St. Louis, but you could never hear them indoors (more ignorant bliss).  I guess I’ll start up my “desensitization” again and start listening to tornado sirens on YouTube every other day or so like I did last year.  The sound of a siren really does make my tummy hurt and I get butterflies (the bad kind) all over.  Strangely though, the campus I work at has its own “emergency/civil defense system” so every 1st Tuesday of the month I hear them when they are tested.  But it’s just not as scary as hearing them in light of a true “tornada comin'” situation.  That was said in the same way that Stockard Channing says it in “Where the Heart Is”.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! 🙂

Seriously…awful, awful sound 😦  Ick.

Today’s workout was a bit of a bust.  It’s my usual “bike & arms day” and I was just tuckered out.  Stress, lack of eating yesterday, and lack of sleep are probably the culprits.  The TVs weren’t working on the machines OR on the wall.  Fortunately, a chatty Cathy was on the bike next to me.  I was somewhat annoyed that she kept talking to me since talking during a hard workout is impossible, but it really helped pass the time and it’s nice to “unplug” once in a while and actually socialize with these gym people that you see everyday but know nothing about.  I’ve been very anti-technology lately.  That’s what working with college students will do to you…HA!

In other news, the New Orleans Service Trip is only 1 day away!!!  AHHHHH!  I haven’t really had time to get excited since I’ve been so worried about logistics, details, and liability.  Responsibility is a bitch.  Also in other similar news, we’ll be taking a group of students in the next few weeks to assist in the clean up & response efforts for the Harrisburg, IL tornado.  Love my job!  Just wish I had more time to use vacation time and more time to recharge my batteries…hmm…


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