Fly-By Weekend

This weekend was b-u-s-y.  Busy. I had to switch my Saturday schedule around and make some adjustments so Friday night was packed.  I hit up hot yoga right after work (instead of going Saturday at 8am) which means we didn’t grab dinner (Fazoli’s for  pre-race high-carb, low-fat, low-fiber food) until 7.  My stomach hurt so bad during yoga because I was starving.  However, I decided I really like practicing yoga in the evening versus right when I wake up.  My muscles were already loosened up from the day so I could go deeper in the poses. (There!  A positive to my schedule change!)  After dinner, I ran to Target for some much-needed restocking of daily essentials.  Ever noticed how everything seems to run out at once and NEVER when you have a coupon or when things are on sale?  Blarg!

Saturday will need to be in bullet form because the thought of keeping it organized in paragraph-form makes my head spin:

  • Up at 6:30 to finish laundry & make a batch of almond granola (I’m obsessed obviously…)
  • Leave at 7:55am to head to St. Louis to meet up with Jeff’s friend
  • Leave said-friend’s house to go to the Castlewood Cup 15K Trail Race.  I wasn’t racing and it was the first race I actually “watched” instead of participate in so it was super fun to see it from the eyes of a spectator.  I have an awesome post-race vomit story for you that only a runner can appreciate, but I feel the need to share in a later post…
  • Leave Castlewood State Park around 1pm (after awards were announced)
  • Get home around 2pm.  Here is where I fail at life.  Instead of listening to my body and taking a nap, I decided to be productive and take care of a few things on my to-do list. That being said, I’ve decided my “over-productive/over-achieving self” needs to listen more closely to my “lazy self” more often.  Working on that…
  • Met up with some friends at Peel (excellent pizza place in Edwardsville).
  • Met up with same friends and 2 others at a trivia night.  I love me some trivia nights…not just to test my useful knowledge but the people watching and side conversations are the best.  Seriously.  The BEST.

Sunday Runday.  YAY!  The best day ever.  If you recall (which you should ALL recall my life in detailed seconds :)), last week’s Sunday Runday wasn’t the best and I just didn’t have much strength.  BUT (big but…teehee), this particular Sunday Runday was great.  I’ve started my “taper weeks” before my race so I was planning to only run 10 or 11 miles (whichever felt right at the time).  I got to 10 miles and decided to hit the 11-mile mark.  But I was making such good time (I felt super fast!) that I just ran until the treadmill made me stop.  The treadmills at my gym run for 1 hour then give you a 5-minute cool down (I don’t use the cool down time for an actual cool down, I just keep running for 5 extra minutes.  Sick, I know).  So I did about 11.8 miles in 2.10.00.  Not bad for my slow, short-legged-self 🙂  I really had wished yesterday was my race day since I felt so strong and had so much positive energy (odd since I had a horrible diet the day before…). Even after my run, I cranked out some awesome leg workouts and had the pleasure of watching Dennis the Menace on ABC Family (my go-to channel at the gym).

I have a super-awesome recipe that I will share in tomorrow’s post (this post is getting a little drawn out with my super exciting life).  Just as a teaser…it’s a “Cauliflower Not-So-Mashed-Potatoes” recipe.  Super yum and super healthy!


Happy Monday, friends!  This time next week I will be in New Orleans getting my “service” on.  WOO! 🙂



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