Marbles, E vs. I, Catch-Up, Match Maker

This week can be summed up in one word: YIKES!  Meetings, drama, meetings, drama.  Good stuff.  Countdown ’til May anyone?  2.5 months.  That’s all.  I’ve had some odd DOMS this week…I must have switched up my work outs just enough to make my muscles really hate me.  Or maybe I need more H2O, even though I’m sure my bladder would smack me if I drank any more fluids.  Since I’ve been a little behind on my posts, here’s a quick update:

Tuesday’s dinner of Cream Cheese Chili was delicious!  We had ours in whole wheat tortillas and spinach leaves.  I know, I know…the spinach leaves don’t really GO with the chili.  But we wanted some veggies thrown in there.  The whole time I couldn’t help but think about how awesome it would have tasted with peanut butter…but I didn’t combine the two.  A decision I am still regretting.

After dinner on Tuesday I “unplugged” and took a little catnap on the couch.  I haven’t done this in MONTHS – it was nice to just veg on the couch.

Let’s all pretend Wednesday didn’t happen.  K?

Yesterday was also filled with meetings and prepping for the madness of the next few weeks.  Dinner was the Crockpot Chicken Fajitas.  And, YUM!  I had mine in a whole wheat tortilla with some 2% Kraft Mexican  cheese and salsa verde.  YUM!  I was still a little hungry afterwards so I warmed up more of the chicken, onions, and peppers with cheese and salsa.  Just as good, if not better without the tortilla.  1.5 servings of ice cream soon followed.

Today’s boot camp was KILLER!  My arms were SO tired that it was hard to wash and style my hair this morning.  I’m still trying to decide if I plan to pay for more boot camps or not.  I really like them and they spice up my normal gym routine.  As much as I love the gym, the thought of always being there can sometimes bring tears to my eyes.  Time to budget crunch yet again 🙂


An interesting find that I posted to Pinterest last night:

How true is that!  My introverted self could NOT stop laughing.  Gotta love staying home and recharging your batteries to prevent a mental breakdown. HAHA.  I’ve been on the verge of one again so I definitely cling so tightly to my couch/veg out time!

This weekend I plan to do some crock-potting and freeze some vacuum-sealed lunches for the next coming weeks.  Next weekend will be spent frantically getting last-minute stuff together for our Spring Break Service trip (I’m just a tad stressed about it, mk?) so I need to take full advantage of this weekend and focus on yours truly before my marbles scatter all over the floor again. HA!

Is it sad that I’m already thinking about what awesome things I will eat this Sunday after my long run?  Sunday (aside from Friday) is really my favorite day of the week.  Yeah, yeah that whole “but you have to go to work tomorrow” thing kind of stinks, but it’s my “zen” day to fold laundry, start “fresh” with my running, diet, and work-out week, and just simply EXIST.  No demands, no to-do lists.  It’s awesome.

Awkward Moment I regret not posting immediately after it happened:  While at church Wednesday evening for Ash Wednesday Mass, a friend’s mom was sitting behind me.  We were standing & waiting to walk up to the alter to get our ashes (we were all the way in the back so we had some time to kill), she and I started chatting and I asked how her son was doing  (an old friend from high school…we dated for maybe 1 month when we were 15…super serious, obviously).  Before I could even finish my sentence, she said “WELLLLL, he’s AVAILABLE now…!!!” (hint, hint: call him up!).  Uhhh…awkward.  Fortunately, since my life is one big awkward moment, I’ve gotten good at bouncing back and changing the subject in a way that’s painless for everyone involved.  Gota love it.


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