Holy Sleep Deprived-ness & Randomness

So yeah…sorry for lacking in the “posts” department last week.  It was a busy week: working until 8pm, coming home to edit dissertations, sleeping a few hours, and doing it all over again the next day.  “Sleep deprived” is an understatement.  The muscles in my face have even developed a twitch! HA!

But anyway, enough of my somewhat dramatic life.

Saturday morning/afternoon consisted of a not-so-fun hot yoga session (I greatly dislike the instructor that we had, which makes for a not-so-great mental state), presenting at the Leadership Seminar, running home to visit my dad for his LAST (hopefully) Saturday at the hospital (until we go through his other upcoming surgeries & health issues…HA!  Yay…).

This weekend was our “Valentine’s weekend”.  We wanted have a nice dinner and NOT at one of our usual healthy spots (Culver’s, Fazoli’s, Crazy Bowls & Wraps, or Subway).  So where did go?  Whole Foods.  Yes, we went to Whole Foods for dinner.  And it was great.  They’re grilled sandwiches & salads are da bomb.com and we’ve been craving them for a while, but since it’s not exactly in our neighborhood, we never can find time to go.  After our dinner date, we walked around REI, Trader Joe’s (to stock up!), and World Market.  It was a really nice night.  Who says you have to be wined & dined on Valentine’s Day anyway? 🙂

Sunday Runday results: ALMOST 13 miles.  I think I had about .30 miles left and I just couldn’t finish.  My legs (muscles & joints) hurt so bad.  I couldn’t figure out why I could finish my 12-miler so strongly last week but struggled through this week’s run.  The only thing coming to my mind is that MAYBE I didn’t drink enough water on Saturday.  I’m pretty sure I ate enough of the right “stuff” the day before (protein, carbs, fruits, etc.) so that’s all I can really attribute to the somewhat-failure.  My legs were so absolutely Tanked (yes, it needs to be capitalized) that I didn’t do much of a leg workout and cut my bike ride about 10 minutes short.  Friday’s boot camp and Saturday’s hot yoga really nuked my quads.  At that point, killing my legs even more wouldn’t have helped me at all and would have just exhausted my muscles & recovery even more.  No thanks – I’ve got too much on my to-do list to be even more tired than I already am.  (Amen).

The rest of Sunday was spent drinking lots of water, foam roller-ing, and MORE editing.  Sheesh.  I did manage to sit down and watch The Prestige during our Sunday dinner.  It’s probably one of my new favorites.  It was during this movie that I realized why I’m a bad movie-watcher:

  1. I’m never sitting still because I always have SOMETHING I have to do or work on.  So the whole concept of sitting still for about 2 hours makes my mind do weird things
  2. When I finally get the chance to sit and do nothing, my body & mind don’t know what to do, so I end up falling asleep (Movie Narcoleptic)
  3. Since I don’t know how to slow down and do nothing, I have to always be checking things on the interwebs (email, facebook, pinterest, blogs, recipes…)you name it, I’ll find SOMETHING to do while the movie is on.  Because of this, I end up missing important stuff.  The movie ends up not making sense and I lose interest.

And there you have it.

I was able to get a whopping 8 hours of sleep last night.  And you know what?  I woke up MORE tired that I would have if I only got 5 or 6.  Silly brain.  I need to get back to the 7-hour zone so when I get the amount my body needs it doesn’t revolt.  You know what else would be awesome?  A day off.  With nothing to do.  Yeah.  Wish in one hand…right?! 🙂

Sorry for the randomness & blabbing & pity party.  That’s what being tired does to me.

Until a better post can be written,

Eye-Twitch McGee



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