VD Bell Curve & Meatloaf

So uh, Happy Valentine’s Day…or somethin’…  HA!  No, I’m not a hater on Valentine’s Day, I just choose not to make an obnoxious deal about it.  I always picture Valentine’s Day like a bell curve.  To the left of the curve you have your “Boo hoo, I’m single and SOOOOO lonely.  Happy Singles Awareness Day”.  The the right of the curve you have the puke-tastic “I vomited flowers for you so you could have them everywhere you went today.  AND I bought you an iPad in case the flowers didn’t show you how much I care about you.”  Then in the middle there’s normal people (maybe not-so-normal…I’ve never called myself normal) that say “eh, it should be low key and more about random acts of kindness”.  Seriously.  Just like Molly said on Mike & Molly “We don’t have to do anything big, I’d just like to eat somewhere that has a separate spoon & fork”.  HA!!!! Amen sister, amen.

Aside from that, my “wide open, get lots of things crossed off my list” has been anything but.  Typical.  It has been a productive day, just productive in the sense that random pop-ups took up all my time.  And most importantly, that presentation I’m supposed to give THIS Saturday hasn’t even begun to shape up.  I only have pictures on the slides. HA! Typical.

Today was a conditioning boot camp.  It was a good one (lots of ropes = burning arms!) and I felt redeemed from, what I consider, my epic failure on Thursday when I could barely hack it because my lungs ceased to function.  My lungs still seem a little shaky today and still burned.  You know the burn when you haven’t worked out in a while and your cardiovascular system is just out of shape?  That’s what it felt like.  Which is impossible, friends.  Clearly my lungs are not liking some weird sickness my body is trying to fend off.  Hooray for stress, and hooray for an immune system! (there, positive thought for the day!)

Tonight after work I’m headed home to visit my Pops in his penthouse suite (hospital room..ha!).  I normally visit on Wednesdays, or on days when there’s been an emergency, but this week I’m working late Wednesday & Thursday so Tuesday was my only option.  Sorry, I’m selfish with my Fridays.  I know. I’m a horrible person.  Whatever.  My Mom is taking him meatloaf since hospital food is awful (and meatloaf is his favorite).  How sweet is that?!  Aw 🙂  They’re so cute

Monday Tidbits:  Scheduled volleyball game for 9:15pm.  Did that happen?  Nope.  Why?  I didn’t want to deal with the 4 inches of freshly fallen snow.  Nor did a few others on the team, but since I live 5 minutes away I was kind of a jerk when I told them to count me out.  I just didn’t think volleyball was worth another insurance deductible.  Sorry Bye Week.  Better luck next week when I’ll probably be late because of work.  YESSSS!  I hope they don’t kick me off the team 😉

Happy Tuesday.  2/5 of the way there!  Go US!



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