Yesterday’s sick/mental health day was, without a doubt, the smartest thing I have done in a really long time.  Instead of my mind doing all the thinking (my poor mind is a little off kilter these days) and telling my body to “keep going, you pansy!” or “almost at the finish line (literally/figuratively), just push through!” my body said “HA! Watch this!” and proved everyone wrong.  See how I said ‘everyone’ there?  Everyone=my brain.  Proof that I’m losing it.

I couched it up all day aside from the trip to the grocery story when I spent too much money but was too tired to play “Cheap Sarah”, plus I had to pee and didn’t have a whole lot of time to really focus on the best deals.  A little before supper I started to feel like I might actually need to take another sick day, but once I got food & ice cream in my belly, I started feeling better and canceled my Friday morning Boot Camp.  For those of you who know me understand that it took a lot out of me to cancel a workout.  My muscles & joints just felt so tired & sore.  Plus my lungs still feel like someone doused them with gasoline & lit them on fire so sleeping a few extra hours this morning is just what my poor little body (& mind) needed).  Since I could sleep until 7, I put together a crock pot recipe for the upcoming late-nights work week.  Mexican Chicken (don’t ask me where I found it…I wrote down the ingredients and how long to let it simmer but didn’t save the website):

  • 2 cans black beans (I soaked 1/2 a bag of black beans instead)
  • 2 cans Rotel (or off-brand diced tomatoes with chiles)
  • 3 chicken breasts
  • 8-oz non-fat cream cheese

Combine first 3 ingredients and cook on low for 8-10 hours.  Add cream cheese.

Result?  YUM!  I’m planning to shred the chicken and put it in a whole wheat tortilla.  Can’t wait!

Today has been a wonderfully quiet “catch-up” day at work.  I was planning to have yesterday be a catch-up day too so I didn’t really miss too much with my mental health day.  Good timing, for once.

If the weather holds out we are planning to partake in a trivia night.  Since I only allow myself to hang out with human computers, we always rock trivia nights. I’m pretty pumped.

Tomorrow is looking like a yoga-only day.  And nothing else.  Maybe a little light cleaning and some crock-potting, but that’s IT.  I promise.  It’s my last weekend until April so I need to soak it uppppppp.  March was originally scheduled to be busy on the work-front and quiet(er) on the family front.  Recent developments have added “busy/scary” to the family-front too.  I need to condition my body and brain to be ready for another month & a half of stress.  Game on, let’s go.



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