Sick Day & Expletive

Ok, I’m officially behind here.  This post was originally drafted for Tuesday and it’s now Thursday so we’re going to do a recap mk?

TUESDAY:  I got up at 3:30am (yes, you read that right) to squeeze in a workout before my day started.  I had to be at the body shop (for my car…not me! :)), which is a 30-minute drive, at 8am so as I scooted everything up 1 – 1.25 hours, 3:30am is what I got.  I said remember that.  HA! Get it?!  No…?  Mk.  (Looovin’, is what I got…I said remember that).  My insurance coverage allows me to get a rental car while my sweet little Lucy (the name for my Mariner) is getting violated by strange men.  Now keep in mind, during my time as an Admission Counselor I became quite the car expert with all the rentals I had to endure.  My least favorite?  The Chevy HHR.  You know, the Al Capone-looking car.  What did Enterprise give me this time?  An HHR.  AWESOME.  The HHR is the most horribly designed car I’ve ever driven – it has awful blind spots, looks ugly, and is just hard to see out of when driving.  At least this one is silver and not fire engine red like the last HHR I had to drive (I was mortified).  I know, I know…I should shut up and just be thankful I have insurance and coverage that allows my to drive an HHR…*sigh*

Isn't it just AWFUL?!

The rest of Tuesday was a little awkward with the MLK awards luncheon/reception that my boss & I planned at work.  It was just awkward and full of drama.  I’ll spare everyone.  I’m sure it’s not that exciting anyway!

WEDNESDAY: Ok, so Wednesday was only yesterday but it seems like it was a week ago.  Seriously, life is a little trying right now.  During Wednesday I was running on 8 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period.  I was living on coffee, which consequently, leaves my appetite lacking, which consequently makes me more tired.  Super.  More Dad emergency health issues made for it to be an emotional & exhausting night & day.  Just when things seem to be getting better or life seems to slow down a bit, something else happens that has me running around trying to be everything to everyone.  And honestly (as horrible as it makes me sound) I’m really getting tired of it and it’s starting to make me angry & bitter.  For all you judgmental folks out there, you just wait for your turn…then we’ll see who’s judging.  My body has never felt so exhausted and worn down. Don’t ask me how I’m mustering the strength to work out at a normal rate…because I truly don’t know.  Yesterday was a 5-mile run ,”legs” day, and 20-minute interval bike ride (super tiring workout).

I was going from 8am-8:30pm yesterday (aka not at home).  When I got home around 9pm I still had about 75 pages of a dissertation to edit & review.  Could I fill my day any fuller?!  Probably.

THURSDAY:  Oh wait…that’s today.  I got a good 7 hours of sleep last night.  I woke up feeling awesome (well, compared to Tuesday & Wednesday), headed to boot camp (conditioning day, which I normally hit up on Tuesday).  It was an INSANE workout.  My performance, or lack thereof, made me start to think that I might be getting sick.  My lungs were on FIRE.  My lungs hadn’t hurt that bad in years!  I looked down at my heart rate on my watch and it wasn’t high enough for the way my lungs felt.  Fortunately, a lot of other regulars were struggling through the workout too.  During the drive home, I made the decision to take a ‘sick/mental health day’.  Technically, I am sick.  My lungs still feel inflamed, my eyes burn, and I feel exhausted (all the precepts of an impending illness).  Thinking logically for once, I decided to take the day off to do nothing but LAY AROUND and have time to mentally & physically heal myself.  There are so many things coming in the next weeks at work that I can’t at all afford to be hanging on to a cold that won’t go away.

You know what else is awesome?  I got a call from my mom saying there was another health scare early this morning, “What are your plans today?”.  Well, I had planned to FINALLY get a day of RESSTTTTT.  Guess that’s not happening after all.  I never use this phrase because I’m a fairly positive person and get tired of people over-using this and not being appreciative but, “FML.  Seriously.  FML x 100”.

Let’s try to end on a positive note…Tomorrow is Friday.  There.  That’s all I’ve got.


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