Rest Day Monday

Hey there, Monday.  Weren’t you JUST here, gracing us with your presence?  I thought so…  Hm…

I guess Monday’s aren’t all that bad for me since I get to “sleep in” and it’s my rest day.  Notice “sleep in” is in quotations.  That’s because my definition of “sleeping in” is 6:45am or 7am.  The annoying thing is that I usually wake up around 5am anyway and can’t fall back asleep until 6 or so…Just one of the small (massive) side effects of waking up at 4:30am or 5:30am 4 days out of the week.  Lucky for me, I have NO problem falling asleep at  night.  In fact, my problem lies in staying awake.  I have to force myself to stay active or stay seated (AKA not lying down) on the couch until I go to bed.  Seriously, if it’s past 6:30pm and I’m laying down, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bye Week plays tonight at 7:45pm…not a bad time.  Although, since I’m getting up at 3:30am tomorrow to fit in my workout, it butts up to my bedtime.  I hate going right to bed after a game.  Oh well, hopefully we’ll have another repeat of last week’s performance and can take home another win.

Since stress seems to be consuming my life (and emotions) lately, I found it hilarious that RealAge sent out this email today:  9 Easy Ways to Stress Less.  Every tip is pretty obvious and I’m sure we’ve all heard them before, but “Chewing Gum” is a new one.  I love gum. And I hate stress.  So there.  However, does chewing gum ever give anyone a headache?  I have a bad habit of milking gum for all it’s worth and I’ll chew on the same piece for up to 3 hours it tends to give me a headache.  And headaches make me feel stressed…Or maybe I’m just weird…

Yesterday, I did eat a “happy meal” that aided in my excitement for life and relaxation.  To “celebrate” the Super Bowl, we baked a Mexican-style pizza.  We took: whole wheat pizza crust, spread a thin layer of refried beans & a thin layer of salsa verde, topped that with some grilled chicken, arugula, 2% Kraft Mexican cheese, black olives, and yummy taco sauce.  YUM x 1000!  It was so delicious and so filling.  I had my pizza with a Fitz’s Diet Cream Soda.  Sadly, I was most excited for the soda…which is on my list of foods I’m not allowed to eat/drink since it’s like crack to me.

Diet Cream Soda (made w/Splenda!)

Now I’m pretty sure I weigh at least 4 lbs more from all the sodium I consumed yesterday…and that’s not an exaggeration…I checked.  Oy!

Monday’s are always awkward and full of these “What’d you do this weekend?”, “How was your weekend?”, “Anything fun happen this weekend?”.  What makes it awkward is when you know the person asking you doesn’t care.  And you don’t care to hear about their weekend, but you have to be polite and ask anyway.  Awesome!


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