Mini Melt Down & Sunday Runday

A few translations for you: “mini” = “massive”, “melt down” = “severe adult temper tantrum/lack of emotional control and/or stability”.

Uh, yeah.  Yesterday was just that.  A mini melt down. After a semi-decent session of hot yoga, I met up with my mom for some Bob Evans.  I was nearly in tears from sheer exhaustion when she showed up at my place.  Emotionally, it just wasn’t my day.  Then at breakfast the waitress (that’s been working there for as long as I can remember, which is important…) wouldn’t let me substitute a cup of oatmeal for bacon even though the menu said I could for no additional cost.  Since she’s been there so long and has always been a great waitress, I didn’t have the heart to get snotty with her, and honestly my brain didn’t put 2+2 together to defend what I’d read so I just went with a bowl of oatmeal instead (no multigrain pancakes AND no eggs that came with the breakfast I had picked out).  Blah, blah, blah, nothing else seemed to go right that day which was 10x worse than any other day since I was an emotional teeter-totter.

The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred when the bank closed it’s lobby at 11:55am instead of 12pm as it’s advertised.  OH BOY.  Just be glad you weren’t in my path when that happened.  Temper tantrum, tears, sobs, everything came at once.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried that hard – my chest felt like it was going to explode.  My heart rate was insane.  I couldn’t stop crying for a good hour.  I’m not sharing this experience to gain sympathy.  On the contrary, I’m sharing it because it was my lowest of the low.  I carried the rest of my day on as planned and finally got home around 3pm.  Once I could finally sit down and relax (a five-letter word I clearly haven’t had enough of lately) my mood improved.  Grey’s Anatomy and Glee episodes might have helped too…

Since hindsight is 20/20, I now know why I was an emotional beast.  Last night before dinner I noticed I was starting to develop a scratchy throat, headache, overall aches, and just couldn’t get warm.  Clearly I’d run myself down so much that my body was fighting off some “sickness”.  My poor mother is all too aware that any time I have a non-characteristically weepy (under-estimation) day, it’s usually an indicator of an on-coming illness of some sort.  So I grabbed the bull by the horns and loaded up on vitamins, Advil, and Mucinex before I went to bed. That seemed to stop it in its tracks.  Thank goodness!  WHEW!  The world just took a sigh of relief.

Anyhoo…I woke up at 5:45am this morning for Sunday Runday.  Today’s distance was 11 miles.  I ran at an 11-minute mile pace with a 10% incline to make it a more realistic run.  The race I’m signed up for isn’t exactly flat and since I’m only doing treadmill runs, I need to make sure I’m throwing some inclines in there so the Alton hills don’t tank my legs by Mile 2.  My muscles and joints felt a little sore this morning (and were crazy sore  yesterday) so I scaled back a bit on the leg workouts after my run, but I did do a few sets of goblet squats, lunges, & bridges.  Incline sit-ups and a 30-minute hill interval bike ride finished my 3-hour gym experience.  Ridonkulous, much?  Since I barely finished my bike ride, I’m planting myself on the foam roller and coach today for some SERIOUS, SERIOUS rest.

Today’s food craving during my run was apples.  I’ve been craving them a while, but it was my purchase of choice after the gym.  I’ve already had two!  I usually try not to let myself get too hungry on long workout days.  Once the hunger hits it just won’t go away so I snack the day away (healthily and in moderation, of course! :))  Breakfast included 1 apple, 1 glass of Ovaltine (sugar & protein for my muscles), 1 egg (the choline in the yolk is great for recovery), 4 whole wheat pancakes that I mixed with some blueberry Greek yogurt for a little bit more protein, and 2 cups of raspberry chocolate coffee.  My favorite?  The pancakes.  OMG/YUM!  I know, I know…coffee should ALWAYS be my favorite, but I just adore whole wheat pancakes, especially when they are topped with peanut butter or sugar free raspberry syrup.  Kinda wish I had some now…

I better get on my 2nd round of foam rolling…and grab another spoon-full of peanut butter.

But first, here’s an AMAZING Pinterest find: Story of my life...


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