Shenanigans, Boot Camp, “Weekend” Plans

Yesterday Shenanigans: So yesterday was not so much “crazy” as it was just a tad stressful.  I had 1 meeting w/my supervisor, his boss, and someone else that’s higher on the food chain that I am.  I was worried they were “checking up” on me with a certain project that’s pretty huge so I went in feeling a little negative, but came out with compliments and presented myself with flying colors.  Whew!  THEN I had another somewhat related meeting that had me walking out feeling more stressed than when I walked in from all the added “to-dos” on my list…which has now turned into a double-column list with items blocked off into categories.  BAAAAHHHHHH.

As I have been all week, I was starving by the time I got off work and headed home for a quick snack of whole wheat flaxseed pretzels with peanut butter & Nutella.  Peanut butter usually leaves me feeling pretty full, but I was still hungry 20 minutes later (you’re supposed to stop eating for 20 minutes even if you  don’t feel full yet to allow your stomach to send the message to your brain that you ARE full) and we dug right into the leftover Salsa Chicken dinner we had eaten earlier in the week.  I added peanut butter to the salsa chicken too because, clearly, I’m obsessed with PB.  I feel sorry for people that don’t like PB or are allergic.  Can you imagine?!  Blasphemy.

I made the Balsamic Chicken recipe from Skinny Crock Pot (check them out on Facebook!) last night.  I haven’t tasted it yet, but it smells amazing and is waiting patiently in my freezer for the upcoming insanely busy/late-work-night weeks that will soon consume my life again.  I will keep you posted!

After I crock-potted it up, I lightly cleaned my bathroom before I went to bed.  I know. Typically a weekend chore turned into “I’ll just do it on a week night since I don’t have any time in the upcoming weekends (for like 2 months at least)”.  Double “ugh”, double “boo hoo”, double “whoa is me”.

WORKOUT!  This morning’s boot camp was just that!  UGH!  My legs, back, and arms were already pretty sore from this week’s gym workouts (stupid goblet squats & kettle bells kill my body every time).  We did 3 rounds of each for 45 seconds each: bench-supported rows, push ups, roll-outs.  My arms were screeeeammminnnggggg.  I had never heard so many of us making so much noise toward the end of a round.  I’m glad I elected to get the “arms” out of the way this morning.  THEN we did 3 rounds of each for 45 seconds each with legs/core: Goblet squats (30lbs), standing arm extension (15 lbs), Level 3 Kettle bell good mornings (20lbs).  My traps, lats, quads, glutes, and hammies were DOOONNNNEEEE!  Then we had our typical Friday finisher: 4 rounds of in-place sprints & jumping jacks for 25 seconds each to maximize heart rate.  OMG.  Yoga might not be that fun tomorrow based on how tanked my muscles feel already.

Anyone have any super weekend plans?  While I’m not planning to be a painting super hero, I’m meeting my mom for a 3-week-late birthday breakfast/lunch at Bob Evan’s.  So you better believe I’m checking their menu online to plan out my meal & calories.  I LOVE Bob Evan’s breakfasts, coffee, and pretty much everything else there so I know I’ll be torn between a breakfast or lunch-type selection.  Will also keep you posted on THAT excitement 🙂

My weekend will also be consumed with editing the Lit Review chapter of someone’s EdD project.  I believe it’s at least 50 pages so that should take up a few hours at least.  Can’t complain since I’m getting paid, but I would rather have a full 2 days of non-work-related tasks.

Oh yeah, it’s the Super Bowl this weekend…hmm…I much prefer the Puppy Bowl.  I hope I don’t get dragged to a party…I’ve been such a weekend party pooper lately and would just like to stay put for a few consecutive hours…is that so much to ask?

Ok, enough complaining about my sad non-existent weekends…something to leave you with:

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That Almost Everyone Gets Wrong

Grammatical errors are my #1 pet peeve (most days).  If I ever have any in my posts, I apologize in advance since I usually catch them and fix them ASAP.

Happy weekend, friends!  Let’s pat ourselves on the back for making it through another 5-day work week! WOO HOO!


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