Judgy McJudgerson

Oh Thursday, you’re such a tease!  I’ve made it THIS far in the week only to remember I have a whole other day to get through.  MEH!  (insert pouty face here).

Yesterday was just your typical day in the life of student affairs.  We kicked off our Black Heritage Month celebration, but all was relatively quiet otherwise.  After work I went home to visit my Pops in the hospital (who was not having a good day physically or mentally…poor guy) which led me to having a crappy evening.  I visited my Mom & Latte-Dottie after that and raided my mom’s kitchen for dinner.  On the menu:  3 buttnernut squash ravioli with parmesan cheese, 1 piece of whole wheat toast w/peanut butter & Nutella, a few handfuls of sliced roasted almonds, a few mint dark chocolate espresso beans, and a few more bites of peanut butter.  Well-rounded diet, no?  So much for a healthy & satisfying dinner, although my selections were quite tasty!

I came home, made a batch of granola, and crashed.  Well, before I crashed I flipped channels between Must Love Dogs (LOVE Diane Lane, LOVE John Cusack, LOVE dogs…winner) and House. I just love watching House – it brings a comfort factor that I can’t explain.

I slept like a log last night.  Lately I’ve been waking up a lot (usually sweaty…gross, sorry) and just waking up in the morning wishing I had another couple of hours to snooze away.  It was pretty refreshing when my alarm went off for my morning workout and I actually thought “whoa! I slept all night! WEIRD!”.  I think I ate too much granola before bed though because my dreams where out of control and whacky…oh dear.

Fortunately, my workout was a scheduled “light” one today.  Forty-five minutes of hill intervals on the bike, triceps dips, alternating weight press, push ups, rows, kettlebells, ab workouts, followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  Just your typical Thursday workout.  I’m always so thankful on Thursday that I did my legs workout on Wednesday.  There’s something about the 4th day of the work week that leaves me feeling extra tired…or maybe I’m just extra tired BECAUSE I did the leg workout on Wednesday…hmmm…quite the predicament! 🙂  My legs were extra tired today during the bike ride though.

Tonight’s dinner possibilities include whole wheat protein pancakes, previously made “whole wheat pizza pasta”, or turkey burgers.  After dinner I need to write up a serious grocery list for stocking my pantry and crockpotting (my new favorite obsession).

You know what really annoys me?  People that do more talking than exercising at the gym.  This woman at my gym will only do 10 minutes of cardio before bouncing around machine-to-machine to chat and maybe do one set of weights…1) You’re not going to notice a difference just because your TALKING in a gym, 2) Quit being so nosy…I know you don’t truly care about everyone you talk to here, 3) Other people don’t want to talk to you either (I’m an excellent observer in case you didn’t know), 4) STOP FLIRTING WITH OTHER GUYS!!! You are married!!!!  What the heck!!, 5) Your not-so-new blonde-to-brunette dye job has faded so much that it looks dirty and your hair cut makes your hair look awful.  WHEW!!!!  I feel so much better! 🙂  Sorry you all had to experience the negativity running around in my head when I see her in the mornings… I can be kind of judgy…whatever.

Another important list I need to update is my “Need to see” movies list.  Aside from the movies that are just now out in theater, I’ve got a few that just came out on DVD or have been out forever and I live under a rock.  I also need to follow through with my “Need to read” book list.  Since I finished Mockingjay I’m feeling purpose-less on the literary side of things!

Seriously: any suggestions on HEALTHY crockpot recipes, movies, or books would be so so so so appreciated 🙂

Awkward Moment:  Scenario: Messy secretary’s desk, should-be retired secretary that keeps coming in to clean off her desk, awkwardly placed “Good luck” card (awkwardly placed by me), not knowing where to awkwardly place card because of the pile of SHTUFF (I’ll give you 2 guesses as to which 2 words I combined here…), and getting caught awkwardly placing the card on the pile of Shtuff.  Yeah…I’m awkward.  Awesome.


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