Lost Koosh & Soapy Coffee = Sadness

Well yesterday was quite the dramatic day in our office.  I can’t exactly pinpoint more than 2 dramatic experiences but I know there were a lot more over-blown, out-of-proportion drama fests that we all took part in.  One of our secretaries brought in Dunkin’ Donuts…NOOOOOO!  I’m pretty good at resisting sugar (and donuts, sadly) lately, but since I’d just binged on 2 amazing donuts this weekend my body needed more.  “The beast has been awakened, and it needs to be fed” (quote from Grey’s Anatomy…about sex, not donuts.  But they ARE practically the same thing).  SOOO I “splurged” and had 2 glazed chocolate donut holes (FULL of protein, I promise!) and a soapy cup of coffee.  Um…what…?  Yes. It tasted like dish soap.  I guess I should add “rinsing soap coffee cups” on to my list of weaknesses.  It really ruined the coffee experience for me.  So unfortunate.

Also, one of our Grad Assistants lost my Koosh Ball.  Seriously?!?!  I’m still mourning.

Last night we enjoyed our Salsa Chicken crockpot dinner.  I couldn’t seem to get full and ate about 400 calories-worth of whole wheat flaxseed pretzels.  Then I ate a lot of peanut butter (with the salsa chicken too…).  Since I ate somewhat heavily and since we’re out of Edy’s No Sugar Added ice cream, I opted for a piece of Werther’s sugar-free candy and a cup of Diet SwissMiss.  I MIGHT have had 3 Cinnamon M&Ms when I got home…whatever.

Cinnamon M&Ms...more like "SINamon M&Ms" :)So addicting...


Remember how I said I didn’t have late meetings for 3 weeks…? Um yeah…I take that back.  I jinxed myself.  Starting February 13th until March 2nd, I have 3 nights that I will be working late.  At least 2 nights of the week I have 3 meetings that overlap, leaving me to run from meeting to meeting.  GOSH that sounds like so much fun.  Lame sauce… I better start crockpotting it up in full-force this weekend.

The workout today was decent.  I hit up the treadmill for a 5-mile fartlek.  I went super fast by my standards (super slow by others’) and averaged 11-minute miles.  Which is not fast, honestly.  But I’d trying to remain injury-free so cut a sister a little slack, mk?  I was going so fast the last 1/2 mile-1 mile “hurt”…that’s how I know I really pushed hard.  I made sure to ice my ankles/Achilles tendons during my coffee/breakfast/TV time.  I did my typical “I better do this on Wednesday instead of Thursday” leg workout.  Less squats than usual but I added a 30-lb kettle bell to the mix which made things a little harder.  Lunges, backward lunges, incline sit ups, weighted bridges, etc. completed the “weights” portion.  I wrapped everything up with a 20-minute hill/interval bike session which FLEW by since I was chatting it up with the sweet older woman that comes to ride the bike every day for 1 hour.  We had a great chat, and I love her purple braided sweatband that matches her purple tshirt 🙂  She’s so cute.

AWESOMELY Awkward moment from yesterday that I will fill you all in on tomorrow.  I’m STILL giggling about it.  OMG.
Well, I better cross a few things off my to-do list…or at least try to!  Happy Hump Day 🙂