Conditioning, Champions, Volleyball

Since there seems to be tons of these videos based on exclusive groups/communities (and I’ve already forced you to watch 2 of them…):

My favorite: “I’m only running 10 today…”  Guilty.  Just like my post on Sunday when I said I ONNNLLLLY did 8 instead of 11.  Psh.  Can we say “runner snob”?  Yup.

Bye Week took home a win last night.  It was an effortless win which is fortunate since the game was at 9:15!!! Whhaattt?!  Aren’t people in bed then? I know I am!  It didn’t help that I couldn’t keep my eyes open once I got home – I didn’t dare lay down on the couch.  I forced myself to stay in an upright position until I dragged myself to the game.  Even though it was an easy win, we all played really well together.  Now if we can do that when we play a harder team, we’d be all set!

Boot camp this morning – Tuesday=conditioning.  My favorite!  Now I’m just waiting patiently for the Ladder Conditioning day.  It’s my favorite conditioning day!  Tomorrow will be a 5-mile run.  I’m due to run hill intervals, but with the insides of my ankles/heels bothering me I think I’ll do a fartlek run to play around with speeds.  I heart fartleks 🙂

I’m still so happy with my fat test results.  It really is helping my motivation in my workouts.  Sometimes you wonder if your workouts and healthy eating even do any good and it’s easy to get down on yourself.  But this was an awesome pick-me-up to keep telling myself to push harder – it IS making a difference.  I’m also treating myself by eating a little more during the day (an extra little snack or two).  Now I know why my appetite has been out of control lately – my body is in furnace mode and needs more fuel.  Good work, bod.

Speaking of motivation, here’s a good quote to leave you with:

Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years that they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance is merely the demonstration of their championship character.

If by “preparation” they mean coffee, I better go get some so I’m ready for my presentation at 2pm today 🙂


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