New M&Ms & Food Phobias?

Hhhok so.  Aside from a busy weekend, it was a great weekend.  Also of greatness is how great I physically feel today.  That 8-mile run really did the trick.  I’m sure I’d feel a little less than stellar if I did an 11-miler as was sort-of scheduled.  Today is a rest day so that may also be aiding in my “I feel great” Monday.

During a Saturday night run to Target I found these:


Raspberry Dark Chocolate M&Ms

They MIGHT have been a little over-priced, but I was feeling adventurous.  They are amazing.  I can’t stop eating them or thinking about them.  There was also a mint dark chocolate variety (I SO love the mint/chocolate combination), but I’m still happy with my choice.  I’m trying to find a coupon somewhere online (there has to be one SOMEwhere!) to justify me purchasing another pack of them this week…

Also during the Target run, I decided I’m in the market for a mini blender, like a Ninja or Magic Bullet, so I can make quick post-workout protein shakes without having to drag out my big blender.  I’m just being lazy, really.  Anyone have any pros/cons on specific mini blender brands?  I’ve heard great things about the Ninja (which is reasonably priced BTW) and the Magic Bullet (I really can’t justify spending $40-$50 on it though).  Target also had a Hamilton Beach and Oster mini blender too, both of which are good names in the blender industry, or so I’ve heard.  There was an end-cap sale for a mini blender (can’t remember the brand) for only $18, but I was worried about the quality since I’d never heard of it before…oh the drama of purchasing household appliances.  Any suggestions out there?!

Check out this article about food phobias.  Could you imagine?!?!  A fear of chicken?!  A fear of food/eating?! A fear of taste?!  How are those even possible?  I enjoy the fear of “peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth”.  I’m sure my dog has that phobia…  And fear of chopsticks?! HA!  SO weird.  I would not survive if I had any of these phobias…although I may have a phobia of mushrooms.  Ick.

Last night my crock pot was diligently at work while I zonked.  I made a cross between these two recipes:  Easy Crock Pot Salsa Chicken and Cilantro Lime Chicken.  I combined the salsa, black beans, frozen corn, lime, and chicken.  I sprinkled a little chili powder and cumin for extra measure in case the salsa flavor fizzled out overnight.  I MIGHT have somehow not put the lid on all the way because it did get a little dry/burnt, but still salvage-able.  It tastes delicious – can’t wait to wrap it up with some cheese, extra salsa, and maybe some sour cream later this week.  YAY! 🙂

Also of awesome note-worthiness: I finished Mockingjay last night.  LOVED IT!  So sad I’m done with the Hunger Games trilogy but I’m somewhat excited for the movie.  I typically don’t enjoy watching movies once I read the books, so we’ll see!  Now I need a new purpose…or just a new “can’t-put-it-down” book!



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