Sunday Runday, Body Fat Test, St. Louisans

A scaled-back Sunday Runday was in my plans for this morning.  I was only going to run 7 (down from 10 last week), but felt so good around mile 5 & 6 I decided to do 7.5 miles.  Then at 7.5 miles I thought, “Psh, I can do 1/2 mile further”.  So I ran 8 miles, averaging a little less than 11-minute miles.  Awesome run.  My typical Sunday leg workouts followed the run and a 30-minute interval bike ride was after that.  My hamstrings were tanked from Friday’s boot camp and Saturday’s hot yoga session.  My foam roller and I have been best friends today to work out all the soreness.  Aaaaah…. (that’s what I say when I’m foam-rollering…most of the time any way.  Other times it’s just painful).

I was jonesin’ for some chocolate milk during my run (weird craving when sweating, right?) so lucky for me there’s a grocery store right next to the gym.  I got some bananas and 1% milk for some yummy & healthy recovery food.   I don’t like ACTUAL chocolate milk (the kind you buy pre-made).  But I DO like Ovaltine or Carnation Instant Breakfast.  This morning’s recovery snack pre-breakfast included a nice glass of Ovaltine and 1/2 a banana with a little bit of almond butter granola for a crunch.  I always drink the chocolate milk to quickly and feel a little nauseous in the shower…It’s just so yummy and I guess I get a little over-zealous.

My back felt a little tight during my run from all the painting my mom an I did yesterday.  We knocked out the hallway AND living room (completely done, trim & all).  5-hours of painting.  It was a long day.  Between hot yoga, my Body Fat Test, painting, and visiting my dad in the hospital I was on the go from 7am until 7pm.  Blah.  I also forgot to brush my teeth until 7pm…Yeah…gross, I know.  But I DID brush them once I remembered (woo!).  I have a habit of doing that on Sundays since I don’t eat my first meal until 10:30 and usually have to run somewhere after I guzzle down breakfast & coffee… Ok so I really don’t have an excuse for forgetting.  I’m just gross.  Whatever, like YOU don’t do anything that’s gross – like forget deodorant before you go to the gym (guilty on a few occasions), re-wear comfy clothes from day-to-day since no one saw you in them the day(s) before (also guilty), etc., etc.

Body Fat Results:  I was a little nervous before my body fat test.  I knew I would be a little ticked if my readings weren’t great with the way I kick my own butt every week with my workouts.  Drum roll please…………. 14.7% body fat.  WOO!  Work hard, get results.  Here’s one chart that explains body fat %:

They actually recommended I put on 5lbs of lean mass by eating more protein.  That’s the one nutrient I’ve never really kept track of.  I guess I just underestimate the amount of protein I eat although I’ve got everything else down pat (calories, fat, sugar, sodium, calcium).  I highly doubt I’ll be able to put on 5lbs of lean mass, but I will definitely be eating more protein to help enhance my fitness performance and so I won’t become a waif 🙂  No one likes a waif.  The results also calculated my daily calorie expenditure at 1430 (that’s if I did nothing but sat on the couch all day…not a bad way to spend the day if you ask me).  So to maintain my fitness, I need to eat at least 1800 before I even lace up my sneaks…well not BEFORE since I run in the morning (duh) – just before I calculate my additional calories burned.  I heart the science behind fitness ❤

So what did I do to celebrate my results?  I ate one of the double chocolate donuts from my favorite donut shop in Alton that my mom bought me as payment for painting with a cup of coffee.  Then I decided the first donut was so good I ate the other donut throughout our 5-hours of painting.  Donuts = crack to me.

Awesomely Awkward:  (During my milk run this morning) I placed my milk, bananas, and salsa (for an upcoming recipe) on the checkout belt thingy.  The customer in front of me was duked out in all camo for a riveting day of deer huntin’ (yay…) and was only buying a case of Keystone (GROSSSSS) and 5-hour energy.  He grabs my milk and slides it down to his “purchase” jokingly, of course.  We joked about it for a few seconds then he said “I love milk…”.  Uh…mmmk!! (???).  Since I’m no snob, I partook in the conversation but it was definitely interesting and awkward.  Good ol’ Southern Illinois at its finest.

Also something worth sharing:  Sh*t St. Louisans say…HA!!  I feel like they left out a few doozies, but these are pretty common and relate-able:


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