Are you there, Friday? It’s me, Sarah

Thanks for being such a slow poke, Friday.  GEEZE this week was weird and slow and I’d rather not ever repeat this week.  Sound good? K.

I skipped a post yesterday because I was in such a bad mood,  exhausted, worried I was getting sick, had a bad diet day, and shared a bad day at work with everyone in the office.  I had just walked through the door when I realized I should have just stayed home.  It was one of those mornings where I am more tired than usual and as I was finishing up my breakfast I truly felt so tired that I felt the need to stay home.  But I powered through anyway.  Everyone in the office was having a weird/bad day.  My appetite was also out of control yesterday.  A few possibilities why I couldn’t stop eating: My metabolism was actually on fire from my increased mileage, my body needed more fuel to recover from hard workouts, my body is so tired it needed more food (energy) to keep things running, or I’m starting to get sick and my body is stockpiling calories to help fight off the sickness…Who knows.  So to spare you all from a Debbie Downer attitude, I had to axe the blog-writin’ for a day.

Today I feel much better (physically and mentally) – the sun might be helping me in that regard.  I don’t think I’ve seen the sun for days on end.  Plus, the fact that it’s Friday and I have a full tank of gas makes today a great day, indeed.  That’s how I know I’m a lame grown-up…when a full tank of gas makes me feel awesome & rich (even though I’m about $50 poorer…). Hmm…

Boot camp this morning – great work out with great people.  Tomorrow I’m getting dunked in one of those underwater tanks that measures your body fat.  It’s the only accurate way to measure.  I’m excited but nervous – I’ll probably be disappointed with my reading.  It’s also supposed to measure my resting metabolic rate, calorie expenditure, and other really cool things.  It will be a great tool so I’ll know if I’m eating enough calories and getting enough of the right nutrients each day.  I feel better when I eat less throughout the day, but I feel like my body crashes at some point and says “Seriously lady, give me more to work with…I’m running on fumes”.

You know what also makes me feel better?  Looking at my calendar for the next 3 weeks and not seeing one meeting (that requires my attendance) after 4:30pm.  Wait…what…?  I can go home at a normal time…?!  WEIRD!  I still plan on hitting up some crock pot recipes so I have more planned suppers throughout the week.  It makes things easier.  Any one have any healthy crock pot recipes they want to share?  I’ll be so grateful 🙂

Tomorrow will be a horribly busy & non-stop day…I’m really not looking forward to the “I just might collapse” feeling…but then Sunday will yield an awesome workout and plenty of required & demanded couch-time. YAY!

Awkward moments?  I know I’ve had plenty in the last few days but I can’t materialize them at the moment.  Blame my poorly functioning brain.  Sorry to disappoint 😦

TGIF & Happy weekend all!  Woo hoo!!  We made it and we’re still alive…barely!


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