Haters, Holy Craps, Happies!

For all you haters out there… Running is only GOOD for you. I get so tired of hearing “Oh, your knees will hate you one day”, “Well, you’ll be getting a knee replacement one day”, etc., etc., etc.  So there. Boo-ya.

On a scarier note, I was scheduled for a 6am boot camp.  I woke up WITHOUT my alarm at 5:43am. I normally have my alarm set for Tuesdays & Fridays for 5:30am.  I had a split second thought of “Oh, I’ll just skip since I HAAATE being late & flustered for anything”, but I quickly reversed that thought to “holy sh*t!”, sprung out of bed, put on my clothes (before my contacts were in…I’m surprised I managed to have everything important covered), quickly shoved my contacts in, and rushed to boot camp with a few minutes of foam rolling to spare.  WHEW!!!  CRAZY start to my morning, which only seems fitting with this week’s theme of a crazy forecast.  I’ve been non-stop ever since.

But let’s all give my internal alarm clock a HUGE standing ovation, k?  That’s pretty impressive.  I’ve only failed to double-check my alarm once before, leaving me scrambling to get ready for work (made it on time then too), when my internal alarm clock woke me up just in time.  Seriously, strange mental anxiety that is always dead-on…I heart you.  Now tomorrow, I might change my mind when you wake me up 30 minutes before my alarm is scheduled to go off.  You just can’t win.  I was zonked pretty hard last night though – I didn’t even wake up to go to the bathroom (no, I didn’t wet the bed).  Craziness makes me TIRED.

Happy News:  This morning I looked down and saw 2 baby-related text messages: 1 birth announcement (YAY!) and 1 expecting announcement.  EEEEK!  YAY!!!   It made my heart happy.  It really did change my ‘tude about today and even this week.  Even if I’m still undecided on children of my own, I love my friends’ babies more than anything (just not strangers’ children that are acting a fool in public).  Maybe I’m just meant to be “Aunt Sarah”…only time will tell.

In other happy news, Bye Week won last night.  It was a sloppy game, but a win’s a win.  Only superficial wounds and verbal abuse were incurred.  I didn’t get punched, I avoided at least 10 collisions (which are always worse for me since I’m small…duh.), and didn’t get smacked in the face with a ball or elbow.  Success.

Other happy news includes our Merchant’s Fair in the University Center which means free breakfast, free samples, free stuff, and free lunch.  YAY 🙂

Also happy news: I’m nearly 2/5 done with this week.  More late meetings tonight, crazy busy day tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, then another weekend of hot yoga, painting, and a scaled back Sunday Runday.  I’m ready, bring it on.




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