Crazy is the Forecast…

Good grief, am I tired!  Just plain pooped out!  On top of crazy work schedules, I’m just plain tuckered out.  These hospital trips/visits and the ongoing worrying is exhausting.  Not only that, but the unending guilt is killer:  Am I being a crappy daughter? Should I visit more? Should I call more? Did I leave my attitude at the door so I can have a quality visit?  What if I didn’t, and this is my last chance to visit?.  AH!   But I don’t have much time to complain about it or even acknowledge it because “crazy is the forecast this week.” Anyone know that reference?  Anyone…anyone..?  Bueller…?  Bueller..?  Um, CELLOOOOOO, it’s a Jason Mraz song.  I just love him.  His voice soothes my soul.  Not like Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate soothes my soul but in a hippy “I feel so relaxxxxxed” kind of a way.  He really knows what I’m needing when I need it.  And for that, I thank him.  I secretly wish I would have been his soulmate, but that’s cool – no hard feelings. I’m not much for owning an avocado farm (which he does, bee-tee-dubs).

Weekend Round-Up:

Soooo the weekend started off a little stressful with the mini-ice “storm” we  had Friday evening.  I didn’t truly enjoy my Friday evening since I kept worrying about the roads/parking lots and if I could even get into my apartment without another dent in my poor car.  (I did make it home without even a scratch or bruise, but just a few more gray hairs!).  I passed out early Friday which is good since a student worker called me at 6:30am on Saturday to ask me a question.  ARGH!  Because the ice had not quite melted everywhere by Saturday morning, I was frantically sending emails/texts cancelling one of the volunteer projects.  So yes, I did end up working on Saturday, even if it was for only 45 minutes.

I hit up a great session of hot yoga and it was truly the best session ever.  There were only 6 of us because we were the only crazy ones that just HAD to go.  But hey, I NEEDED that yoga session.  I could tell I needed it because I ROCKED it.  I made so much progress in my balance & stretching poses that even the instructor noticed and complimented me (along with everyone else, but me individually afterwards) on a “great practice”.  I think I’m still feeling the high from the awesomeness of Saturday’s practice.

After yoga, I met up with Jeff for some breakfast then went home to change into “paint clothes” so I could help my mom paint one of the bedrooms at my parents’ house.  I was so glad when I was done with the paint roller – I helped with the rest of the “trim work” on the bottom base boards and loved it because I could kneel and somehow rest my head in my hand as my other hand carefully painted.  I must have looked pathetic.  THEN I visited my dad in the hospital – I’m not sure who was more tired: him (I had woken him up from a nap) or me (I couldn’t stop yawning).  I rushed home to shower before a much-needed “date” with my BFF and tidy my place up a bit.  It has been neglected with all the running around I’ve had to do in the last few weeks.

Where did we end up on our date?  Bigelo’s Bistro in Eville.  We had a 30-minute wait so I sipped on a Boulevard Chocolate Ale (which was DELICIOUS) and had me a little tipsy after only 1/4 of it down.  I hadn’t eaten much that day OK?!  Plus I was so tired…Ok, fine.  I’m just a waif, big deal.  I ordered the Memphis Club: chicken, bacon, mozz/provelone blend, romaine lettuce, and ranch & BBQ.  I ordered the ranch & BBQ on the side to control the portions but ended up eating all of BOTH anyway.  Whatever…I was hungry and trying to NOT be drunk with my ONE glass of beer 🙂  Regardless, everything I ate/drank was FABULOUS.  I want to go back…now.  Dessert consisted of some massive Raspberry & Cream Cheese brownies and PB brownies that my BFF made for me.  They were amazing (in past tense because they are all but 3-bites gone).  Glutton?  Yes.

A 10-mile run on Sunday (with a weight session & 30-minute intervals on the bike) left me pretty tanked.  My 10-mile run led me to 2 conclusions: my favorite running shoes have now been sanctioned to retirement, and I am now allowing myself to sign up for the Alton Half Marathon.  Wooo/Boohoo.  But, a nice nap on the couch and a lazy Sunday full of TV-watching & reading really proved to be some great therapy. Things are heating up in Mockingjay!


Late meeting tonight followed by a late volleyball game AND 2 late meetings tomorrow night followed by an insane Wednesday may have me down for the count.  Good thing I made some crock pot chicken taco chili last night while I slumbered.  I have my lunches made and dinner mostly ready all week.  BOOM!


So this list is kinda cool:  30 things every woman should know about running.  I completely agree with or like every single one of the 30 items, but especially enjoy #s 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16.  I’m a huge fan of 21 (even little boobs need support!  Mine would have to agree.), and 30 (women just rock).


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