Food, Workout, Awkward, repeat.

Yesterday was CRAZAY!  I was so tired after my late meeting (for the Spring Break Service Trip- holler!) that I was practically falling asleep while eating my dinner.  I didn’t dare lay down on the couch which watching TV because I knew I’d end up passing out in no time.  Once I went to bed I only managed to read 1 “Kobo page” of Mockingjay.  My sleep habits are kinda strange.  Or the activities from one day just make my poor little body and mind exhausted.  Can you vote for both? I’m voting for both.

Food:  What was for dinner you ask?  Steamed tilapia, veggies, and brown rice – all conveniently cooked in the new rice cooker/steamer combo.  I’m very anti-rice cookers because I think they are an unnecessary kitchen tool since you can cook rice just as easily on the stove top. However, this was a pretty neat contraption.  It also has a delay start button so it can be ready the second you walk in the door.  Working women rejoice!  I really need to get my act together to make some crock pot recipes that I’ve been hanging on to.  My semester is quickly adding up to many late night meetings and I don’t want to resort to eating out just because I don’t get home until 7pm, even if we do eat healthy when we eat out.  I just feel better overall when we eat cooked meals at home.

My dessert included a few bites of Edy’s No Sugar Added Butter Pecan ice cream and 2 cups of Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate.  This particular hot chocolate warms my soul.  It’s only 25 calories and tastes delicious.  Not to mention it was just what I needed to warm me up after my cold walk to my car post-meeting.  I always add 2 tsp of the Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate for a little extra yumminess!  It really hits the spot for “cozy”!

Delicious, chocolatey, cozy, & perfect!

Workout: Today was an arms & bike day.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when this day rolls around.  It’s my “lighter” workout and I always try to place it later in the week since I know I’ll be drained from previous workouts and the stress from the week in general.  SOOO I did 45 minutes of bike intervals.  Then it was time to get buff: 2 sets of 12 (each arm) alternating arm press, triceps dips (3 sets of 12), rows (3 sets of 12), pull downs (2 sets of 11), push ups, and a few other tricep-nuking moves that I don’t know their name…I just know they WORK!  My back has been a little iffy so I went a little lighter on the incline sit-ups and only did 4 sets of 12 with 5-10lb weights alternating.  Then to pull everything together, I finished with 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical for an extra calorie-kicker. I was tempted to run just 1 mile (or even .5 mile), but I resisted the urge to give my foot a solid break.  It was a little sore after Sunday’s long run.  I’d sure hate to have to scale back my mileage when my training schedule is still in the “increasing mileage stage”.  That would be a total bummer.

Exciting post, I know…all I talk about is food and my workouts.  They basically consume my life.

Update on my car: I can’t get it fixed until February 7th.  Boo!  I just hate driving around with a bummed-up car.  It makes me feel cheap or something – I can’t really describe it.  Plus, without my best friend (the 26.2 magnet), I feel like my car is JUST a car.  It doesn’t scream “HEY! My owner is kinda awesome!”.  Yes, I value myself on the basis of my magnet, and my ability to have earned the right to own that magnet, but whatever…

Awkwardness?  Oh I’m sure there were plenty yesterday and I KNOW there will be plenty tomorrow since I have an early “mingle” meeting in the morning.  I felt like a fish swimming upstream on my way to the water fountain today though…a few students almost ran in to me, which reminded me of an awkward moment in high school.  I was walking up the stairs with a friend in between classes.  Our high school had about 3 flights of stairs, requiring you to turn on the landings to head up the next flight.  The rule there (and anywhere in America, really) was to stay on the right of the stairs, going up or down.  Well, I came up the stairs and as I was turning on the landing, a freshman or sophomore (can’t remember) was bolting DOWN the stairs on the LEFT side (my right).  We met on the landing and his force nearly knocked me over.  According to witnesses, I “bounced” off of him.  He was a “bigger” kid (built for football), and I’m petite (built for cheerleading)… The BEST part was the look on his face as if I were in his way. HA!   I love awkward run-ins…literally and figuratively 🙂  GREAT story, I know…
Happy almost-Friday to you all!



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