Comp Day.

Yesterday was a comp day for me.  I worked until 9pm Friday night and all day Saturday with the Civic Reflection Training that I co-facilitated for a group of “my” students.  No, I don’t take ownership of them, but in this fabulous world of student affairs, since they are members of a student organization that I advise, they become “MY” students.  Fortunately, I was impressed and so proud of them all weekend.  We all had a great time and seemed to grow closer.  I know, *gag*, but it was a really great training.

I’m pretty sure my diet yesterday consisted of almond butter granola, dark chocolate M&Ms, and hot tea.  I blame hormones.  Seriously, my appetite was out of control.  But I managed to keep it in check for the most part.

Other than the odd-ball diet, it was a day of to-do’s.  Oil change? Check. Visit Dad? Check. Take Latte-Dottie to visit Dad?  Check.  Meet with the insurance claims assessor-guy to review the damage on my car? Check.  Read MockingJay? CHECK!

Yup, my car has a boo boo 😦  Some super nice person decided to dent up the back of my car and not take ownership. I didn’t even notice the damage until Friday afternoon so when/where/how it happened is a complete mystery.  I was so out of it & oblivious to life most of my days last week it could have happened anywhere/any time and I wouldn’t have noticed when I walked back out to my car.  Therefore, I didn’t file a report.  Didn’t seem to do much good:

“Do you know where the incident occurred?”

“Do you know when the incident occurred?”


“Do you know of anyone that would have a desire to take revenge on you or your property?”


Yeah…that’d be a great police report.  Of course I’m mad, but at the same time I just don’t care.  It happened, can’t do anything about it.  But what I’m SUPER mad about is the “thiefery” that took place.  I’m assuming “they” stole my 26.2 magnet (which was always nice & comfy right under the damage left by the thieving jerk-face).  Really?  You stole my $2 marathon magnet?  I know it didn’t just slide off from impact because there’s no indication of scrapes of “sliding” of the two cars.  Bogus.  They’re just jealous.

Today has been crazy busy at work – It’s 4pm and I finally got a chance to catch up on email before my meeting at 5pm.  YIKES!  My Spring Semester is shaping up to be much busier than the Fall.  Blargh.

Workout: 5-mile run w/.20-mile hill intervals, 20-minute interval bike ride, leg/weight shtuff.  Definitely a good/hard mid-week workout.  Tomorrow is arms.  Which are still somewhat sore from last week’s arm workouts and volleyball on Monday (more on that later…)

Food:  I splurged during our staff meeting today.  Each month one of us is asked to bring in treats in celebration of the birthdays for that month.  Well, this month my co-worker brought in delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, and cheese/sausage pinwheels.  YUMMMMM!  I ate both in moderation, but I am feeling a little guilty, even if it technically was in celebration of my birthday!  They were totally worth the calories though, so it’s ok 🙂

Awkward: I always get called “Laura” by mistake.  My name is Sarah, not Laura (obviously), but if someone is going to call me by the wrong name, it’s always “Laura”.  I guess my parents chose the wrong name 26 years ago…I happen to think “Sarah” suits me better than “Laura”.  Nothing against the name at all…it’s just so funny how a person’s name and personality shape one another.  Any Hoosier…in a meeting of 4 people last week, a “big-time Administrator” was speaking directly to me and called me “Laura”.  It was awkward.  Mostly because you could tell she realized she made a mistake in my name and everyone else felt awkward because they know that’s not my name and we were all trying to be polite and not say anything.  Also funny how people’s awkwardness (that they don’t realize they are projecting) can make a room so tense.

So that’s been my week/day/whatever.  I promise to be more witty and charming in the next posts.  Until then…

Yours truly in awkwardness,




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