Weekend Round-Up

This weekend doesn’t even deserve a round-up.  It was so craptastic I decided to stop the Pinterest project of writing down the daily occurrences of the year and placing them in a jar.  The weekend was consumed with a family medical emergency that had me rushing to the ER Friday night around 11pm.  I didn’t get home until 4am but still got up at 6:30am for hot yoga.  Insane?  Yes.  But I’m so glad I went – it helped me clear my mind and kept me busy.  Did you know that yoga and lack of sleep don’t really mix, though?  My balance poses were severely lacking in good form.  Since balance is usually my strong-point, I’ll correlate it to the measly 2.5 hours of sleep.  Yeah, sounds good.

The rest of the weekend was a roller coaster of “everything seems to be getting better” to “it’s taken a turn for the worse”.  We are presently in the latter – turn for the worse – until we hear otherwise.  And until I hear otherwise, it’s going to be glasses and no mascara every day.

The only bright spots in the weekend included my successful 8-mile run (pain free during AND after…so far!) and the discovery of new menu options at Bread Co.  Jeff and I grabbed breakfast Saturday morning after I was done w/yoga and we discovered Bread Co.’s new Steel Cut Oatmeal (w/cinnamon, strawberries, & pecans) AND their new Egg White Mediterranean Sandwich (egg whites, white cheddar cheese, spinach, basil pesto, roasted tomatoes, on Ciabata).  WOW.  Not to mention I adore their hazelnut coffee.

So yeah.  That’s it.   Sorry I don’t have a happier post.  I didn’t even feel like posting, but I told myself to man-up and keep going with the daily grind to keep my mind from doing too much thinking.

5 days until the weekend!  6 days for me.

My awkward moment to share is more of an annoying moment.  Since I strive to keep this as positive as possible, I’ll spare you another less-than-positive occurrence to my weekend! 🙂  You’re welcome.


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