Running Cures All

This Morning

I was not feeling it this morning.  And by “it” I mean EVERYTHING.  And by EVERYTHING I mean anything I needed to do Friday, Saturday, or Sunday aside from lay in bed with the covers over my head.  I just didn’t care if I did any of it.  But I got up any way and went to Boot Camp.  I still wasn’t “feelin’ it” and it showed in my workout.  Even when the instructor would correct me with something (he corrects everyone, he doesn’t just pick on me :)) I thought I was either going cry, tell him to buzz off, or walk out.  If I can’t give something at least 100% I feel the need to escape that situation pronto.  You would think this is a “quitter” attitude, but it’s really my way of saying “go big or go home” so I always push myself to give at least 100%.  And I did after the first circuit.  I did feel a little better after the workout, but even in the shower I felt so emotionally tired that I feel like it took more energy to shower & get ready for work.  SO weird.  I can only imagine that being only a fraction of how individuals with depression feel every day.  Now I (kinda) get it.

Good thing it’s Friday so I can enter the 2-day/3-night pattern of comfy pants and a couch.  I’ll hit up hot yoga tomorrow morning and do my “gospel workout” on Sunday too…I’m sure those will help with my mood swing.  I’m scheduled to run 8 miles on Sunday…if I do it that will totally boost my spirit.  I just know it.

Last Night

After my hair cut, I ate dinner with my parents (BBQ chicken, sugar snap peas, boiled potatoes).  I was “bad” and ate a piece of French bread.  *GASP!*  White bread?!  I did…and you know what?  It tasted great.  My dessert also included a handful of mint dark chocolate espresso beans, which are more than addicting and so delicious.  I cuddled with the dog and made sure I said goodbye when I left.  She will bark non-stop once I leave if she feels I didn’t give her a proper good-bye.  Miss Sassy-pants.


I just read on Runner’s World’s Training Daily blog that running can override genetics as far as weight gain is concerned.  Now THAT’S great news.  People always ask what motivates me to run and be so active.  My answer is always the same: to disprove the theories about BMI and heart disease being hereditary.  Higher BMIs, heart disease, and diabetes run in my family.  Any common thread?  Yup, most can be controlled significantly by diet and exercise.  So there you go…I run, sweat, “pump iron” (HA!), and eat annoyingly healthy to prove those statistics wrong.  Even if I can’t disprove the theory wrong (I will be so mad if this happens), I can at least say I looked and felt great during my attempt.  So it’s really a no-lose situation.

Happy Friday all 🙂  We made it!



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