Favorite Part of the Day?

What’s everyone’s favorite part of their day?  Morning?  Lunch time? 5pm (yay…work…)? Dinner time? Prime time TV “time”? Bed time?  Mine, you ask?  It’s a close tie: prime time tv “time” and bed time.   Don’t get me wrong: I’m always thankful to wake up and have another day, I love my job and the people I work with, and I thoroughly enjoy life.  But there’s just something to be said about slipping into a pair of comfy pants, letting your dinner digest (with the aid of ice cream, of course), zoning out to awesome TV shows, and thinking that the most important thing you have to do in the next 8-10 hours is SLEEP.  Seriously, how great is that?!  I know I should have said that running is my favorite part of the day.  While running does land in the Top 5, my inner lazy-self may have to win.  Confession:  If someone told me I could only pick between running and lounging on the couch during my free time, I’d probably have to go with lounging.

Honorable mention includes the minute I walk in the door after working out in the morning(s), showering, being finished with getting ready (which I dread!), and sitting down to enjoy my breakfast and coffee.  What a great part of the day.  I must admit, I wear my PJ pants until the very last second before I leave.  I’ll be wearing my work “top”, but I stay in those jammies for as long as possible.  I could never be a fashionista.  My PJs/comfy pants are some of my best friends.  I love being comfortable (but not necessarily sloppy) way too much.

Last night we had baked chicken parmesan with whole wheat spaghetti and frozen veggies.  I went with frozen veggies because I had completely forgotten about veggies until the chicken was almost done.  Oops.  I watched another episode of Breaking Bad, which is a little slow to start in my opinion.  But from everyone I’ve talked to they love it and some even claim it to be better than Dexter.  I’m skeptical thus far, for nothing can be better than Dexter.

I ran 1.2 miles this morning just to get my foot adapted to running more than “every 3 days”.  I’m still being super cautious, but I’m up to 12.2 miles this week.  WOOT!  And yes, 12.2 miles is my longest weekly mileage since February 2011 🙂  Today was an “arms” day so my tired triceps will turn me into a wimp tomorrow morning at boot camp.  Before my 1.2-mile run I powered through 45 minutes of intervals on “da bike” and wrapped up the entire workout with a 15-minute interval session on the stair-stepper.  I treated myself to a sip of water every 3rd interval – and it was the most delicious water I had ever tasted.  🙂

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woo!  For this being a short week, it sure went by slowly.  Getting my “hurr did” tonight.  Just a trim, maybe a smidge shorter? Who knows.  I’m so adventurous.

Still no awkward moments worth sharing.  I did call one meeting a “great start to the week” when I meant “semester” and I’ve been stewing about it all day since the person I said that too already thinks I’m weird and awkward. Neat…


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