Sunday Runday

I kicked off 2012 with a nice 7-mile run this morning.  It felt great and I had no pain.  Let’s hope 2012 is an injury-free year.  I have faith that it could be – I learned a lot from that darn stress fracture so I have a better mental state and better plan for my fitness strategies.

Our night was c-r-a-z-y last night.  We decided to stay home and not deal with crappy parties with people we rarely see and planned to grab dinner (and not at one of our usual places).  Where did we go?  Culver’s. HA!  We decided that going to one of our usual places and getting something “bad” would be special.  My choice was a butterburger w/cheese, FRIES (that first bite was pure bliss), and a child-size Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi (WHOA, someone hold me back!).  It was so tasty.  Then we decided to be out among people and wandered around Target, where we decided we needed to ring in the New Year with Edy’s No Sugar Added ice cream.  Flavor choice: Vanilla.  It’s really the best option so we can add our own toppings.  Powdered peanut butter, powdered dark chocolate, and pretzels were the winners last night.

We also watched True Grit last night…and I actually stayed awake.  Well, except for those few seconds I dozed off, but I’d say I did pretty well.

So on top of my run (which I am still excited about) AND staying awake most of yesterday evening, my 2012 is off to a great start.  My 2011 wasn’t great, but there were certainly lots of happy moments.  I’m starting a pinterest project today: writing memories/events on little pieces of paper for each day of the year.  You read them on New Year’s Eve of that year to reminisce.  Hopefully I can keep up with it!

Another reason 2012 is off to a great start: No awkward moments in the 12 hours of the year…woo!

Happy New Year all!  I hope you had a wonderful and safe time telling 2011 “Peace out!” and greeting 2012 with a big “Whew! We made it!”


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