NYE 2011

I’ve had quite a busy last 2 days of 2011.  Yesterday I met up with my family (lots of them) back home for breakfast – 3 aunts, 2 uncles, Mom & Pops, 3 cousins, 1 2nd cousin, and one cousin’s spouse.  I’m sure to many of you this is practically nothing, but my Dad’s family is spread all over so it’s quite a treat when we can all match our schedules together.  It was so nice to see everyone.

After breakfast, my mom and I met up with one of her friends to do our Christmas exchange and eat at Cracker Barrel.  Normally I don’t stray from my usual (biscuits & gravy & apple butter), but yesterday I wasn’t really feeling it and went with the beef stew instead.  Corn bread or biscuits?  While I LOVE cornbread, I went with the biscuits for a few reasons: less calories, less fat, less sugar, and I just love CB’s biscuits w/apple butter.  Win-win!

I hit up an evening hot yoga session afterwards.  I’m always a morning workout girl.  My introverted/sensory-overload self gets so drained from the day so I can’t mentally or physically drag myself to do any form of workout if it’s not in the morning.  But my back (my problem area lately) was much more stretched out and loose from bee-boppin’ around all day compared to the tightness I feel in the morning.  Down side?  My neck is more tense in the evening from the normal stress of the day.  So there you have it…50/50.

I was extra tired, hungry, and sore this morning at hot yoga…I should have just stayed in bed and gotten extra rest, but when my stupid internal alarm clock wakes me up crazy early I just can’t fall back asleep for anything.  So a nap is a must if I’m going to be awake to see 2012 come around!  Honestly, I’ll doze between 8p-10p and wake up with my 2nd wind…it always happens.  I’m so cool.

NYE plans?  No crazy parties or bars in our plans so as of now we plan to veg and do something CRAZY like get a Papa Murphy’s pizza to treat ourselves.  Do we live on the wild side or WHAT?!  I did just take a swig of sparkling wine that’s been corked in my fridge since December 2010.  Big drinker in the house! 🙂

On a sad/happy note…my tree and most of my decorations are put away.  I mostly decorate with snowmen so I can leave some of them up until February since they’re “wintery”.  I hate to take the tree down because I love the coziness of the lights, but it’s nice to have a lot more room in my apartment.  It almost looks naked…I need to buy that buffet I’ve been talking about.  Maybe after a few more paychecks…HA!


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