Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

Short post since I’m running late this morning…

My calves and feet were pampered and babied yesterday.  Between practically living on the foam roller and using the roller stick, I alternated with heat (also an all-day thing).  They feel A LOT better today, but are still considerably sore.  They held up during boot camp though, which was also great today.  We did 50/10s: Good morning kettle bells, split squats, farmer walks, split rows, alternating press/curls, followed by 8 rounds of hops (in any form) and in-place sprints.  I don’t feel “tanked”, but it was a good work out.

Headed home to meet up w/my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousin that I haven’t seen in 20+ years.  I’m missing my planned hot yoga session (last week I piggy-backed the boot camp & hot yoga and it was awesome).  I’m a little annoyed to miss it, but I’ll try to go to the 5pm session instead (I HATE working out in the evening BTW…and having to shower twice in 1 day…grrr).

Gotta run – I still need to get ready…I don’t want to scare anyone 🙂


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