Sore Feet, Sore Calves, CHOCOLATE

I’m STILL feeling the effects from Tuesday’s boot camp.  The jumping and lateral leaps kill my arches and calves.  Strangely, my calves weren’t feeling particularly tired during or after that workout.  But this morning when I got up for a gym workout, they were so stiff & tired I could barely walk to the bathroom.  So, another hot bath w/epsom salts was a must after my workout this morning.  Gym line up today:  4-mile run (WOOO!), arm workout, ab workout, 30-minute interval training on the bike.  My body is feeling a little tired & run down.  It could be from my work out schedule, but it might just be from my feet & calves being so sore – since they are the first things that support your body when you stand, this could be the attribute.  I’ve been nursing my soreness with Advil, a bed buddy on my feet, and a heating pad on my calves – Old much?

Yesterday seemed non-stop.  I finished editing my last dissertation (6.5 hours of work…whew!), grabbed Subway, mozied around Walmart (only because it was next door to Subway…my heart belongs at Target!), then ran home to get ready for my “girl date” at the Chocolate Bar.  I haven’t been feeling top-notch lately so I wasn’t planning to really get anything (alcohol or dessert related) since alcohol and excessive sugar is the culprit to my bladder/tummy yuckiness.  But, take a look at the menu.  I chose the “Very Dark” martini (dark chocolate liqueur, Kahlua, and some other yummy ingredient I can’t remember).  It was smooth and rich.  I’m not a big fan of martinis, so the fact that I liked this says a lot!  After we finished our Very Dark martinis (and after we shared some pizza and a yummy cheese plate), we all split an ice cream martini.  OH MY GOODNESS.  It was so decadent, smooth, sweet, and perfect.  So yeah…the alcohol, chocolate, cheese, tomato sauce, and sugar aren’t helping me feel my best today…but geeze, it was so good.  What better way to celebrate friends, share mutual passions, and gripe together than with good food, eh?

Next up on today’s to-do list? Besides doing nothing I plan to finish up Glee on my DVR.  I forgot how much I love this show.  Last spring I wasn’t feeling it, but after watching them all back-to-back, I have fallen back in love.

Currently deciding if I want to make another pot of coffee…tough choice for a tough life 🙂


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