“Aw, I farkled…”

Yesterday was quite a productive day.  After the sweeping, mopping, and laundry were done, I got extra crazy and decided to finally hang my bedroom curtains.  I had to secure the brackets & rod to the wall before I could hang them.  Once they were up I realized they were too long so I “hemmed” them so they didn’t drag on the floor (huge pet peeve of mine).  Now all I need to do to complete the “hang curtains” on my to-do list is to hang the sheers in the living room so I can open the blinds without peeps seeing me being lazy on the couch 🙂

After all that productivity and a few episodes of Glee on my DVR, I worked on editing my last dissertation – I’m a little over half-way!  I will definitely get it done today so I can have one less thing hanging over my head this week.

We had a game night with some friends of ours.  Farkle was the game of choice.  Did I win?  No. But I wasn’t last either (at least not in both games!).  Lots of fun, lots of laughs.  We called it a night around 10:30 because we’re old.

This morning’s workout was an oldie but a goodie.  45-minute interval session on the bike, weighted squats, weighted backward lunges, side squats, side planks, weighted ab twists, and hamstring curls followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  It was a good workout and my legs were so tired from previous workouts.  But, I wanted to get it out of the way so the “build-up” of workouts doesn’t hit hard tomorrow.  I took a hot bath with epsom salts to help with my achy and tired legs.  Hopefully that helps with the healing process.

Breakfast?  It started healthy: 1 poached egg, half a piece of ham (yum!), half a grapefruit, and 1 featherbed roll with sugar free jelly.  Then, I decided the roll was so good I went back for another, and some almond butter granola, and a dark chocolate truffle.  I’m pretty full, but I might as well live up break week, right?! 🙂

I’m meeting some friends from my SLU grad school days at the Chocolate Bar tonight.  I know it will be such a fun time – now I just have to study the menu to see which diet disastrous dessert to indulge with!

Awkward Moment: Yesterday, someone asked me if I had a cold because I, apparently, sounded nasally & congested.  I don’t have a cold. This is not the first time someone asked me if I had a cold when I didn’t.  Have I become that nerdy & annoying person that always sounds nasally?  Maybe I need to load up on the Allegra…


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