Tis the Season for…Detoxing

Oh my goodness.  Christmas is harder for me regarding food than Thanksgiving.  I just can’t stop eating our traditional Christmas food like I can with Thanksgiving food.  Baked ham, Texas potatoes, sweet potato casserole (which is at Thanksgiving, but whatever), 7-layer salad (also at Thanksgiving…), Waldorf salad (that was at Thanksgiving too…), green beans, and my Grandma’s yummy & yeasty featherbed rolls.  Okay so about 50% of those foods are also at Thanksgiving, but I just kept shoveling it in.  Add on top of that the apple pie and mini cheesecake bites and WOW.  Consider me full.  After lunch, my parents and I went our separate ways for a much needed 2-hour nap.  Just your typical Christmas at our house!  Everyone agreed it’s been a really great Christmas – organized, peaceful, enjoyable.

My Christmas started out insanely early (at 5:30) with a hard-core Sunday runday workout.  I was the only idiot at the gym for a good 1 1/2 hours.  My legs were so tired from my 6-mile run (6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that my weight workout/leg nuking was difficult and very tiring.  And yes, 6-miles IS the farthest I’ve run since February.  Like I’ve said, any distance “breakers” from here on out will be the farthest I’ve run since February, but I still plan on saying it.  So deal.

Christmas Day ended with spending time with my favorite boys, watching Home Alone, and playing Farkle for the first time.  Naturally, I lost.  I was in the lead and doing well until I mentioned that I was winning…then the Farkle & luck gods stopped what they were pre-occupied with, realizing I’m not allowed to win anything and my lead was taken away.  *sigh*…story of my life.

Today was a rest day (and much needed at that).  I drove back home to have breakfast with 6/8 of the Crazy 8s.  It was a great time.  I love grabbing breakfast and sipping coffee with my friends and family and it’s so good seeing the girls (mostly) all together.  We all agreed we definitely ate, drank, and were merry and feel an instant need to simply not eat for a few days to detox.  Sadly, I wouldn’t get hungry in those 4 days.  Oh well, I’ve got some left-overs to tackle in the next week (I’m really bad at keeping/eating leftovers longer than recommended) so I’ll have to tackle them in severe moderation.  Although, I haven’t beaten myself up too much given my recent weekly workout routine and, after all, Christmas only comes around once a year.


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