Merry Awkward Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today started out with a 90-minute hot yoga session.  There were only 6 of us there today so it was much more enjoyable than yesterday’s class that had 17 people!!!  The 17 98-degree bodies on top of the 98-degree room (sans the group 98 Degrees…oh come on…that was FUNNY!) made it for the sweatiest session I’ve ever had.  My towel (beach towel-size) was SOAKED.  I was so hot that I think I might have gotten too hot because I was chilled all day afterwords.  However, stacking hot yoga on top of the cardio boot camp session turned my body into a furnace all day and I could not get full for anything.  I ate, and ate, and ate, then when I was finally full, I STILL ate.  My appetite is a little bit more in-check today although I did eat 2 chocolate chip cookies and I went back a few times for that peppermint bark I made for my mom.

Funny observation in yoga: the encouraging words from the instructors.  The instructors I’ve had always say “You guys are doing so great”, “Beautiful”, “you’ve been working so hard!”, “We’ve got a class full of great breathers today”.  These wonderful ego-boosters always make me feel like I’m a 3-year old again when someone told me my macaroni necklace was the prettiest they’d ever seen.  Then reality kicks back in and I remember they most definitely say those things during each class they teach.  Then I go back to feeling just average, nothing special.

After hot yoga I just wanted to veg and sip my peppermint flavored coffee, but I had to bust a move to make sure my laundry was folded/put away, bags packed for my overnight stay at my parents’ house, church clothes ready,  Christmas presents & food loaded in the car, and a quick jaunt to the gas station and Hallmark (which also turned into an additional jaunt to Target and the kitchen shop).  Target surprisingly wasn’t too bad.  I’m just thankful the store was open given the recent fire in their storeroom that caused an evacuation AND closure for nearly 4 hours yesterday.  My heart nearly stopped beating at the thought of Target being out of commission.  Now THAT’S what I call a Christmas Miracle! 🙂

Is it sad that I measure the “effectiveness of church on my soul” based on the awesomeness of the music?  Music is my favorite part of Mass because it just soothes my soul.  Sure, the readings are great, the prayer time is super, and the Gospel/Homily is supposed to be the take-home message.  BUT the music just does it for me.  I always hope they’ve selected Silent Night, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, and O Holy Night for Christmas Eve Mass.  They’re my favorites and just give me cold chills.

Awkward moments:  Oh. my. goodness.  Last night’s Christmas party rendered TONS of awkward moments: being practically run in to more times than not because I’m apparently so awkward that I’m invisible, standing by myself because everyone else has someone to talk to and the people I would talk to were gone momentarily, and so so so many small talk conversations to count.  Honestly, I could have slipped out and no one would have noticed.  Ugh.  Dear Santa, for Christmas I want to NOT be awkward.


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