Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!  My first day of vacation started out with a cardio boot camp session.  I was a little more frustrated with this session.  Apparently I arch my lower back so I need to work on focusing on my core more.  Which is annoying because I have a pretty strong core (except for my back…which happens to be 50% of “core”…go figure).  Anyhoo, it was a good workout regardless.   Post-workout breakfast: plain Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and homemade sugar free almond butter granola.  Delicious, light, & protein-packed!

I came home and made a double-batch of almond butter & flaxseed granola (my favorite of the 4 types I’ve made) AND peppermint bark for my Mom.  Both happen to be delicious, if I do say so myself 🙂  Both recipes came from another blog I read and “pin” often:

Since my fabulous employer let us leave around 2pm yesterday, I was able to finish all of my wrapping and bake the remainder of the chocolate chip cookie batter I made earlier in the week for the Christmas party we’re headed to tonight and for Christmas Eve dinner.  I am quite the productive little lady the last few days.  I’m so on top of things this holiday.  Usually I blink and Christmas has passed and I haven’t gotten anything accomplished.

Tomorrow is another busy day: hot yoga in the morning, any last-minute shopping (still need to get a card for my parents and a present for my doggie!), a little bit of cleaning & laundry, Christmas Eve dinner w/Jeff’s fam, and “Midnight” Mass with my Mom.  We’ll split a White Russian after we get home (that’s if I can even keep my eyes open during Mass.  Then I’ll get a few hours before I get up extra early (5:30am early…gross) to get in my “I can never miss” Sunday killer workout.  It’s stupid that I refuse to give that one up, but my week is pretty structured with the 3-4 different types of workouts I have scheduled so I gotta stay on track!
Gotta run – off to a 90-minute hot yoga session that I will probably regret since my body decided it was time to wake up at 4:30 this morning…my circadian rhythms are headed back in the direction of “sleep” so I will definitely need a nap after yoga (after a shower of course!).  Can’t forget to do laundry so I have something to wear the next few days 🙂

Happy Holidays to all!  I used to be very “anti-Happy Holidays” and very “pro-Merry Christmas”.  Funny how things in people’s minds change.  I’m not necessarily doing it to be conscientious of everyone’s beliefs, I’m just being more inclusive AND including the New Year celebration in there too.  Win-win.  I don’t care what people celebrate.  Just as long as they feel that they have reason to celebrate.  [stepping down from my soap box…]


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