Vacation To-Do List

Ok, I decided if I list what I have planned to do over Christmas break, I’ll be more inclined to do it since it will be burned in my brain:

  1. Take the car in for an oil change
  2. Put up my curtain rods/curtains
  3. Hang my bedroom ceiling fan.  I miss it and have survived without it for 3 whole months. But I know I won’t make it in the Spring/Summer without it.
  4. Clean my apartment
  5. Take down Christmas decorations (sad about this one…)
  6. Take on 2-3 pinterest projects
  7. Finally finish reading The Magicians that I’ve been reading since August.  It’s shameful, I know.  It really is a great book.
  8. Clear out my DVR.  My TV and I have a LOT to catch up on.
  9. Watch this past season of Dexter.  I have only seen the first 2 episodes.  Apparently it’s a great season.

There you go…think I can do all of it?  Probably not.  My laziness and desire to lay around and do nothing will probably take over.  Therefore, #s 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 could possibly get accomplished.  We’ll see.  I almost need to designate certain days for different tasks so I can do it all without feeling like I didn’t have a vacation.  Isn’t that the worst?

After work lets out today (probably around 2!), I’m heading home to finish wrapping presents.  Tomorrow I plan to go to Boot Camp, then hit up a hot yoga session, THEN bake cookies for our Christmas party tomorrow night,  THEN make some peppermint bark for my mom for Christmas.  I’m crazy productive in the mornings, so I’m willing to bet money that these will all get done.

Any exciting plans out there over the holidays?!  Aside from presents, food, and signing those Christmas carols of course 🙂

Today was a 3.5-mile run day.  I was only planning on 3, but felt so good I wanted to go for 4, but stuck with 3.5 just to be safe.  Honestly, I felt a little queezy this morning up until 1/2-mile mark.  Even seeing a pile of table salt on TV made me a little nauseous.  I was so glad I decided to do legs  yesterday and arms today.  Arms always seem like “easy” days since I get to do more sitting down during my weights session.  HA!  Lazy enough for you?

I just typed this post AND cleaned my desk all at the same time.  I’m kinda awesome.

Happy December 22nd 🙂


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