Did he just…WHOA!

Do you ever have one of those nights that you sleep SO well that your body aches when you wake up?  I’ve been having those sleeps lately.  It’s not the kind of hurt that I feel after a hard workout or from feeling run down.  It’s like my body is so tired from sleeping so hard.  Which is great, except I still feel tired when I wake up because my body “hurts” in some respect.  Hm…The researcher in me needs to figure out why this happens.

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful Tuesday.  With students gone for break, I have so much time to prepare for the Spring semester programs & schedules and also have freak out moments when I realize “omg…it’s so much closer than I kept thinking!”.  Is it May yet…?  I also bought the 1-month of unlimited boot camps that will piggy-back off of my 10 consecutive boot camps Groupon.  I know I’ve only been to 2 so it’s a little premature to make that extra purchase, but it’s such a great workout to supplement my normal workout routine.

While I was at the boot camp studio purchasing my boot camps, a guy was receiving a private training session.  He was doing box jumps.  I am irrationally terrified of box jumps.  I can’t even step over a shin-high rope without thinking I’m going to miss and fall.  His box height?  36 inches!!!!!  I saw the two 18-inch boxes stacked on top of one another and thought “oh, he’s just going to do some standing push up or something”.  Then I saw this crazy, incredibly springy guy JUMP up on top of the boxes!!!!!  I just stood there in awe.  I couldn’t stop watching and I’m sure my chin was nearly down to the floor.  36 inches comes past my belly button, folks.  I’m still amazed, clearly.

This morning was a “normal” workout at the gym.  I say “normal” because I wasn’t doing crazy things at boot camp nor was I contorting my body at yoga.  I started out with 45 minutes of 1-minute intervals on the bike, lunges, tons of squats & split squats, ab stuff, and 20 minutes of 2-minute intervals on the elliptical.  My legs seriously hate me.  I’m just waiting for the day they give out on me at work.  I picture them saying “We’re tired of your crap, lady!  We won’t be treated like this any more!”.  I wasn’t feeling too hungry this morning so I didn’t eat anything before my workout, which turned out to be a mistake.  I rushed home to scarf down half of a grapefruit.  Then I rushed to get out of the shower and get ready because I was STILL starving.   While sipping my coffee, I rested the arches of my feet on a heated “Bed Buddy”.  This really seemed to almost rid my feet of the soreness…figured one more day couldn’t hurt.  How did I get so old?

Along with breakfast, I treated myself to the breakfast snack of champions: cookie dough.  It happens to go perfectly with coffee.   Then I wrapped 2 Christmas presents, which was a mistake because once I get going (on anything) I feel the need to go until I stop.  Since I knew I couldn’t wrap the rest, I got them out from my closet and have them organized according to “presentee”.  Fun 🙂

Tomorrow, tomorrow (!!!) is my last day of work until January 3rd.  WOOOOOOT!


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