Uh, remember last Friday when I was running my mouth and said “Boot Camp really isn’t all that bad!!!!”  ?…And remember how I said “I’ll probably regret saying that”?  Yup.  I regret it.  To be fair, Tuesdays are conditioning days vs. regular circuit training days (on Fridays).  My arms are already tired and feel like jello.  I can’t imagine what they’ll feel like tomorrow when I have a scheduled arm workout at the gym.  Yuck.  I also figured out why the arches of my feet are so incredibly sore:  jumping from Boot Camp.  Jumping from jumping jacks at boot camp (uh…didn’t we do these when we were 5…?  Why didn’t my feet hurt then too….?), jumping from “dots” at boot camp…I did actually have a few “I can’t” mental moments during today’s workout which is a big no-no in my book.  But sadly, my “I can’ts” came from my feet hurting, not from being tired.  Except at the end with the ropes…that was definitely an “I can’t” mental moment from being so tired.

Tomorrow might include a 2-mile run before my bike ride and weights workout.  Trying to ease back in after my week of “no running”.  I’m pretty pumped for the day when I don’t have to even think twice about giving my foot enough time to rest between runs.  Seriously.  Pumped.

I’m not sure why, but I could not get full yesterday.  I ate my normal stuff for each meal, but I just couldn’t mentally or physically feel full.  I’m definitely feeling a little yuck today from eating more yesterday (at least it was mostly healthy extra stuff…minus all the Twizzler nibs I had before and after dinner…whatever, they’re a low-fat snack!).  Dinner was easy last night:  Chicken breasts w/garlic powder & rosemary, wrapped in turkey bacon (grilled on the Foreman), whole wheat orzo, and steamed veggies.  My dessert (those Twizzlers don’t count!) included 2 cups of Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate.  I add a little bit of Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee Mate for a little extra flavor.  The Diet Swiss Miss warms my soul.  It’s so good.  I’m one of those freaks that likes a few of the chunks to not dissolve all the way on the top…they actually taste a little salty, but it adds some adventure to the hot chocolate.  Don’t judge…

The rest of this week is shaping up to be a little busy preparing for the holiday (wrapping presents, baking cookies, etc.) and having a 1-month late birthday lunch with my mom.  Plus, I’m a freak and try to keep up with my weekly chores schedule, even during holidays & vacation weeks so everything runs smoothly.  Yeah, I run a tight ship.

This isn’t an awkward moment, but every morning when I get to work I answer a few emails, then grab my Nalgene to fill it up at the water fountain and then use the restroom (my workout water and 2 cups of coffee have already filtrated through my bladder already at this point).  I was just thinking today that the people that see me getting a huge jug of water (I automatically take a few gulps after it’s full) then walking straight to the restroom is quite the sight…what a contradiction.

only 3 days until vacation! 🙂  YAY!


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