Boot Camp Survivee

So.  Boot camp.  I survived.  It really wasn’t too bad.  My heart rate got up there and it was a really great workout.  I just wish that it would be at least 15 minutes longer.  I’m used to spending 2+ hours at the gym so a 50-minute class (less than 50 minutes were cardio when you factor in warm up and cool down) left me wanting a little bit more.  It would be a great workout before a 3- to 5-mile run perhaps.  But, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.  Of course, the trainer did say this was a “toned down” day, so the next time I go, I could completely regret saying I wish it were harder.  I really do enjoy the circuit training aspect of it though.  Plus, the trainer walks around, and based on your movement assessment, tells you what “level” you should be doing with the exercises and how to “get more” out of it, which I really like.  Hopefully that helps overcome the plateau that is hard to overcome with regular workouts.  Next week they have a special and I might cash in on another month of unlimited boot camps for only $79.  The deal I’m using now  is only 10 boot camps for $30.

Tomorrow will be a 90-minute hot yoga session, followed by a pedicure.  The times I’ve gone to hot yoga, I always feel so great afterward:  my appetite is in check all day, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated from all the sweating, and I feel stretched out and sore all at once (amazing feeling).

I haven’t gotten a pedicure for a long, long time.  I apparently have some amazing skill that allows me to ruin or chip a manicure/pedicure faster than anyone else, so I don’t go too often since I know it won’t last long.  But it’s so fun and relaxing to spend time with my nearest & dearest friend while soaking my feet in warm water, laughing at the awkwardness of it all.  My favorite part is picking out a color.  My all-time favorite so far has been O.P.I.’s “Conquistadorable”…mostly because the name is so awesome, and it’s a great color (obviously).  Reds (bright or dark) look atrocious against my skin so I usually go with orangey-pinks.  Sometimes purpley-maroons work too.  Not sure which color I will go with this time – I’ll probably change it up for winter.  Decisions, decisions.

TV choice before bed last night?  Beauty & the Beast!  YES!  I was so geared up to watch it til the end (over at 10pm) and I SO could have, but 9:30pm rolled around and the nervousness of boot camp the next morning made me cave.  Don’t ever let me convince you I live on the wild side.  Going to Target (or any place) AFTER I’ve gotten home from work and changed into comfy clothes IS living on the wild side for me.  When did I become so old…?

All has been pretty quiet on the awkward-front lately.  Most of the students have left for break so I have less contact with people.  Hence, less available awkward moments to be experienced.  However, I’m sure an awkward moment will arise from tomorrow’s  yoga/pedicure moments.  Plus, my mom’s family Christmas is this Sunday…so I’ll be sure to have an awkward moment or two then too!


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