Post-8pm Narcoleptic

So last night I went to my Boot Camp Orientation.  The orientation is basically just a “movement assessment” and they score you based on balance, agility, strength, etc.  They told me I had almost a perfect score (something they’ve never given out apparently…?  I guess I should feel special that I was ALMOST there) until…the push-up.   AH.  Stupid push-ups.  So, I’m scheduled for my first boot camp tomorrow morning.  Nervous is an understatement.  I’m in pretty good shape, so I shouldn’t worry too much, but it’s a new routine and environment I’m not familiar with.  Apparently Friday is “conditioning” day…great…I’ll get my butt kicked with weights and kettlebells.  Happy Friday, indeed.

After that, we headed to Subway.  Fortunately, the guy listened when I said “just a little bit of mustard”.  This particular Subway that we went to has one employee that practically douses my sandwich in mustard when I say, and physically exhibit with my fingers, “just a teeny bit of mustard.” We stopped at Walmart (which is always a cultural experience every time I go…) after to look for a few things and I was so antsy to get home so I could have ice cream.  I felt like a little kid that wanted to go home and play with a toy.  It didn’t help that I was still a little hungry after dinner.

I could not keep my eyes open past 8pm last night.  Sadly, my favorite part of the day is usually the time when I climb into bed and watch TV.  It’s just so relaxing and comforting.  I can never stay awake more than 15 minutes, which is normally fine since I’m only watching re-runs of Friends, the Golden Girls, or House.  But the other night I was watching the “bio” for The Santa Clause – my all time favorite Christmas movie.  I tried SO hard to stay awake but I couldn’t 😦  I’m so bummed.  It’s so strange how one second I can be wide awake and lucid.  Before you know it I’m waking up and turning the lights out a few hours later because I zonked.  Anyone else run into this?  I guess I should be lucky I’ve been able to get a good night’s sleep lately.  Yay for a quiet apartment 🙂

Today was a “rest day”, which came at perfect timing.  I just felt sore all over (back and arms too for some odd reason) and my legs were surprisingly sore after yesterday’s leg workout.  I didn’t think they would be since they were already so tanked from Sunday.  Yay for soreness! 🙂  And to be honest, I wanted a rest day so I could workout at full ability tomorrow at boot camp…I really don’t want to embarrass myself any more than I already think I will…HA!  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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