Grace & Hogging

Is it really lunchtime already?  Wow, today has flown by.  It started with my usual morning work out at the gym (legs today…more on that later).  Then I rushed home to get ready, inhale my breakfast, gulp my coffee (which should ALWAYS be sipped & savored…not just because it’s too hot to gulp – OUCH!), prepare a random lunch, gather my after-work clothes since I won’t go home after work, and get to work by 9am for a semi-staff meeting.  Rough life, I know…

Yes, today was my regularly scheduled Wednesday “legs workout”.  I hate leg workout days because they’re just. so. tiring.  Working those big muscle groups really gets the heart a-poundin’.  Plus, my legs are still pretty tanked from my Sunday workout.  My squats were just plain weak.  I always start a workout with cardio and end a workout with cardio.  I had my heart set on a killer 20-minute interval stair-climber session, but some jerk kept hogging it.  He kept getting down to get water from the water fountain.  So several times, I kept thinking he was done and was about to stake my claim when he’d come back.  Um, sorry dude…remember “move your feet, lose your seat”?  Similar concept.  Unless you mark your “turf” with a towel or water bottle, you can’t “save” a machine.  He’s done that to me before with the incline bench.  So that’s why he’s a jerk: he’s a repeat-offender.  I need to add this to my gym etiquette list.

Way Awkward Moment: I was chatting with a colleague today.  I was sitting in my chair in my office and she was standing in the doorway.  I stretch/lean over to throw away my empty ziploc bag (it had carrots and 2 romaine leaves in it) when my chair decides to roll out from under me!  I made my traditional “meh” sound (cross between a squeak and a ‘moo’) right before I caught myself and nearly face-planted the corner of my desk and floor.  *sigh*…never a dull moment.  As my mother always says:  “Your middle name should be ‘Grace’ because that’s the only way you’d have any”.


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