Dogs Rule!

Made it to the gym this morning for my “Monday arms workout”.  I was planning on hitting up “boot camp”, but I have to attend a 30-minute orientation session first (on Wednesday night).  So it will be business as usual on the workout front.  Then on Friday I’ll nervously attend my first boot camp session.  Yikes.

After the usual workout-shower-coffee-breakfast routine, I was catching up on All-American Muslim. It’s a great show and it’s definitely eye-opening – I highly recommend it.  One of the individuals on the show had to get rid of his 15-year old dog because of his new wife’s “allergies/asthma”.  Because I think that dogs are members of one’s family, I have many thoughts/opinions on this issue.  However, my opinion is no more important than any one else’s, BUT I will say one thing:  The dog is 15 years old!!!  Wait it out!  It’s not going to be around much longer!  That’s like sending your 100-year old Grandma to live with complete strangers and make her change her lifestyle.  Sheesh.  And yes, I sobbed when I watched them give up the dog.  Sobbed.  At 8am.  I had to touch up my make-up.

Aside from all that jazz I woke up feeling refreshed after dealing with an “almost headache” yesterday at work that turned violent after dinner.  Not sure if something I ate made the headache worse or what.  BUT, for dinner, I made rosemary chicken (w/garlic salt) wrapped in turkey bacon (yum!), veggies, and whole wheat risotto – followed by no sugar added vanilla ice cream and no sugar hot fudge, of course 🙂   When I went home and got into bed, the sinus/tension headache was miserable.  Not that headaches are ever fun and enjoyable…but yeah.  I was worried I’d wake up with the same headache in the morning (that has happened to me before and it’s so frustrating).  So as a precaution, I took some Mucinex this morning in case my sinuses are unhappy.

Lunch is the same hodge podge fiber as yesterday with an awesome dessert: the  dark chocolate & white chocolate covered pretzel crisps (which ARE better than regular pretzels) with peppermint chunks.  Can’t wait!

Everything’s been calm & quiet on the “awkward” front.  Sorry to disappoint.  Believe me, no one is more disappointed than I am! 🙂


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