And that’s the weekend, folks!

Whew!  Weekends fly by too quickly.  If my week flew by in 2-day intervals the way my weekends do I’d be one happy camper.  Please forgive me as I list every little thing I did in bullets.  This weekend’s round up is as follows:


  • Got up at 6:30am to make sure my mind & body were “awake” and ready hot a 1.5-hour session of hot yoga.
  • Decided to be productive and clean the bathroom before my hot yoga session
  • The hot yoga session was stellar.  I was “suffering” from a lot of sinus pressure and a slight sinus headache, so yoga could have been better (and more comfortable), but I really enjoyed the instructor.  He was tough but enjoyable.
  • I came home from yoga, starving (and sweaty), cleaned up, scarfed down a handful of raspberries, 1 egg and a 1 egg white, whole wheat toast sandwich with peanut butter & apple butter.  I washed all of that down with 2 cups of Peppermint Mocha coffee.  Let’s all say it together: “Yum-o.”
  • Cleaned the kitchen (minus floor-moppin’, just sweepin’).  I hate mopping and I know I had done it just recently.
  • While cleaning the kitchen, I also managed to make 2 batches of almond butter granola with sugar free honey, which makes my place smell amazing.
  • Also while cleaning the kitchen, I folded the load of laundry I oh-so-productively started Friday night before bed, and started another load.
  • My refurbished external hard drive came in the mail (after many attempts for a signature that ended in asking my parents to pick it up/sign for it at the UPS “hub”…this is an annoyance for another post) SO I backed up the pictures, files, and iTunes on my old laptop so I can make my new laptop feel like it’s mine.

This was all before noon…

  • THEN I headed to Lowe’s & Home Depot to use up some gift cards & store credits for some craft project materials and a fake potted Christmas tree for my patio.  It lights up…it’s pretty awesome.
  • After that, I made my way to Target to finish up some Christmas shopping.
  • This was all concluded with much-needed couch time and a trip to Crazy Bowls & Wraps for dinner where I discovered they now have SOUP on their menu!!!  I got the Basil Pesto Chicken soup: brown rice, tomatoes, chicken, basil-pesto broth, Asiago, spinach, and slices of avocado made this my new favorite thing at CBW.


  • Up at 6:30 for a super long/hard work out:  3.6-mile run (wanted to do at least 4, but stopped when my foot started being whiny), 30 minutes of bike intervals, and insane amount of squats (upped the dumbbells to 15-lbs on each side), lunges (with 2 15-lb dumbbells), 90 step-ups (each leg), incline sit-ups, squat-kicks, more ab stuff, followed by 30 more minutes of bike intervals.  HOLY HARD WORK OUT, BATMAN!  It didn’t help that my hamstrings are crazy sore from yoga.  Each exercise was followed by slight hamstring stretches.
  • Came home to clean up and eat breakfast (same as Saturday’s, but with 2 prunes instead of raspberries) and a snack of 1 banana and a handful of almond butter granola.  All of this was washed down with 2 cups of Peppermint Mocha coffee too…it’s my weekend coffee treat 🙂
  • Folded/put away laundry
  • Made another batch of almond-butter granola
  • Worked on Christmas cards, which I feel like will never end until Christmas is over.
  • Quick run to the grocery store where we purchased an organic spinach and feta whole wheat crust pizza, dark chocolate peppermint pretzel crisps, and sugar free hot fudge for our low sugar vanilla ice cream.  I worked out super hard so I could eat my fair share of that pizza and have 2 servings of ice cream & hot fudge.

Now that’s a productive and “eventful” weekend in my book.

Only 9 work days until I have 11 consecutive days off!  So excited I could squeal.


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