Secret Santa > “Meh”

My Secret Santa is officially the best Secret Santa ever.  Yesterday he/she gave me mini marshmallows, cheap Wal-mart gloves for running (I say cheap because I told him/her to buy the $1-$2 kind because I always lose them, and I like them the best), bobby pins (for workouts because I always lose them or the rubber tip comes off and they become too painful to use), elastic hair bands (for workouts/running),  AND….wait for it…..waaaaaait for it…..PEANUT BUTTER!   OMG.  So my afternoon dessert consisted of: dark chocolate (given to me by Secret Santa on Tuesday), peanut butter (JIF Natural…the only kind), and mallows.  Seriously, best. combo. ever.

And now, since it’s 9:38am and I’m having somewhat of a sad, angry, upset, hurt, bitter morning (not looking for sympathy AT ALL, just stating the obvious), I’m helping myself to some of that peanut butter and mini mallows.  It soothes the soul.

On a happier note (one that, once it arrives, I hope will boost my spirit), our holiday potluck is today followed by our White Elephant exchange.  My White Elephant gift is pretty stellar…and creepy.  I snagged it from Goodwill.  It’s one of those Christmas things that move…just the sound of those santas, reindeer, and other things that move creeps me out.  And it required 2 D-batteries.  Awesome.

Today was an all-out “rest day”.  It was a scheduled legs-TRX workout at home, but once I realized I’d be working out everyday this week with hot yoga being on Saturday (my usual rest day), I decided my muscles needed at least one day of doing nothing but day-to-day things.  Even if my TRX days and hot yoga days aren’t exactly your typical “cardio then weights” workout, I had to give my body a day off or it will never make progress and my workouts are just a waste of time.  Sorry, but I don’t get up in the wee hours of the A.M. for nothing, so a rest day was a must.

Also on a happier note, tomorrow is hot yoga day with a friend that is also feeling “meh”.  It will be glorious to work our “meh-ness” out together.  Plus, I feel the need to engage in some cleaning-the-apartment therapy and maybe even running to Lowe’s or Home Depot to find a nice topiary for my patio for Christmas.  But I dunno, I dunno if they’ll be time.  HA.  Old School.

Awkward: Everything about me is awkward today.  Thoughts, looks, emotions…yup. Everything.



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